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Ricky Hatton Interviewed in Bisaya

I never thought this could be possible. But he was fluent at it. LOL.

This was supposed to be a video before the actual fight. I can barely understand the whole conversation (could someone translate this please?). But I admire the timing of the audio and video. I can imagine the effort in putting up this funny youtube video.


Duha ka round gale hah…..LOL…

Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Ricky Hatton in Round 2

It was a very short fight that on twitter:

@Pimplepopper: Lesson learned: if u buy tickets to a pacquiao fight, watch the undercard fights to make the most of the admission price.

Lesson learned indeed. For those wanting to watch the two short videos of the fight but are behind office firewalls or proxy server that makes youtube and other video sharing sites inaccessible, good thing you can access this site. Just come visit again for more!

Round 1

Round 2

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Barangay Ginebra – The Immortal Team

I have to admit, I was a big fan of Barangay Ginebra in the Philippine Basketball Association, especially the team of the years circa 1996-1998. The team that was immortalized by the songs of Bayang Barrios and Gary Granada. The team whose game results either make or break my day.

Those were the days that I used to watch closely the developments in the league.

As a tribute to my favorite team, here are the songs and a video:

Pag Nananalo Ang Ginebra

Play the song from this page.

Sinusundan ko ang bawat laro
Ng koponan kong naghihingalo
Sa bawat bolang binibitaw
Di mapigilang mapapasigaw

Kahit hindi relihiyoso
Naaalala ko ang mga santo
O San Miguel, Santa Lucia
Sana manalo ang Ginebra

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Tekken 5: Offline Play is as Good as Online

Tekken 5

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online

Before purchasing the game from the Playstation Network Store, I was worried because as the title suggests, “Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online”, it’s only good for online play. I do want to play offline with 2 players with friends as well.

I searched the internet for what is the real deal, and this is the closest I got:

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Sigabong Clash 21: Defiance of the Nameless





5:00 PM

Registration is open for all bands.
For more information,
please contact us at
09183473917, 09106818626
Or visit us at
The Hamili / Hamilia Tambayan
UPV City Campus

Or better yet, just leave a comment below for your inquiries.

Synchronize Files from Office and Home Machines using Dropbox

Oftentimes, you find yourself needing to keep, access and update files from workstations at the office as well as from a computer back home. These files can be work related, a password keeper, or maybe media files like photos you want to share with officemates or friends.

One solution is to bring with you a portable device like a usb flash drive to dump the files into for further access and edit. However, bringing a flash drive around can prove to be a hassle with the inconvenience of plugging and safely removing the device from the computer. Unless you hang this thing around your neck all the time (i.e., if you find it a good fashion accessory), you’ll oftentimes find yourself looking around for it and racking your brains trying to remember where you last left it, in your pocket, in your bag, in your cabinet, or maybe the trash can.

Thankfully, now there’s dropbox.
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Eraserheads reunion concert cut short

Ely Buendia rushed to hospital; Eraserheads reunion concert cut short

No, I wasn’t in the event. And this is the sad news that broke when I arrived home.

The Eraserheads reunion concert on Saturday night at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field was cut short after lead singer Ely Buendia suffered “emotional and physical stress.”

There should really be a part 2…or maybe a reunion for good. Whatchathink?

Jayvee of shares a video of the concert: Eraserheads Reunion Opens with Alapaap.