OneDrive is an intrusive piece of app

Leo Notemboom explains how the OneDrive can be so invasive on your computer’s document files if you’re not too careful.

I might have enabled OneDrive backup by accident in the past. I just hope I didn’t lose files by accident as well because of Microsoft’s and OneDrive’s stupidity ineptitude.

Synchronize Files from Office and Home Machines using Dropbox

Oftentimes, you find yourself needing to keep, access and update files from workstations at the office as well as from a computer back home. These files can be work related, a password keeper, or maybe media files like photos you want to share with officemates or friends.

One solution is to bring with you a portable device like a usb flash drive to dump the files into for further access and edit. However, bringing a flash drive around can prove to be a hassle with the inconvenience of plugging and safely removing the device from the computer. Unless you hang this thing around your neck all the time (i.e., if you find it a good fashion accessory), you’ll oftentimes find yourself looking around for it and racking your brains trying to remember where you last left it, in your pocket, in your bag, in your cabinet, or maybe the trash can.

Thankfully, now there’s dropbox.

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