Globe Powersurf Plans 50MB for P99 Per Month

I told you so. Globe Telecom will come up with its own new pricing schemes to compete with Smart’s ‘Always On’ plans. And here it is:

Indeed Globe came up with a more competitive pricing. To compare the two, Globe offers 1GB for P499 vs. Smart at P750.

Now, this will be great for people like me who have wifi both in the house and in the office and yet need to check email, FB, Twitter as well as check in at Foursquare from time to time while outside.

The service is available from August 14, 2011 to November 15, 2011. As with other previous offers from Globe, hope this one will be available indefinitely instead.

Check the Globe FAQ’s for more details.

I’ve just now subscribed to plan P299 and installed Data Usage Pro on my iPhone 4 to closely track my data usage, and hopefully report on it in the future.

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