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Just another reason why I prefer google mail over yahoo mail. Gmail now comes (new!) with an application for your mobile for fast email access and use.

The application requires a java-enabled phone and a data plan. You can check for the capability of your phone but it definitely worked in my Nokia N71 (ngek! LOL). Other mobile devices can still access gmail though through the browser by pointing their wap browser to

The interface was much alike what you see when you access gmail via internet in your computer. You can’t send attachments though.

To download the application, point your wap browser to and simply follow the instructions. In my experience, the installation was a breeze. With this application, accessing and using your email can even be cheaper (I suppose, as this will download the message alone, and i.e., if your mobile network charges you based on the download size. As for those that charge per minute or per 30 minutes like Smart, I really can’t tell).

P.S. Well, we’re talking about wap access or wap connection here, I might just want to plug this as well: can also be accessed in your mobile phone by pointing your browser to Try it! It’s cool!

4 thoughts on “Gmail for Mobile App

  1. Everything is great but what if I must have different accounts (hotmail, yahoo!) ?
    Yes I downloaded new Gmail mobile and it’s great and fast, but I can’t check my other accounts with it. I must use some other app that can connect to other accounts. I am still using Movamail for all of my accounts because soon enough I will delete gmail mobile.

  2. Well maybe I could try it sometime. But for me, though, I’m only using gmail as my primary account because of its so many advantages as compared to yahoo and hotmail, which I’m planning to discuss later on this blog.

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