The Challenge that Failed Me

The Math Challenge Plugin I used to employ to combat comment spams generated by spam robots failed me. And that is the reason why I’m dumping it.

I’m not exactly sure whether the comment spams that entered my akismet filter were posted by individuals, because there were so many of them, or the plugin must have just been defective. Nevertheless, I’m removing it and instead, have spam karma 2 purge those spam after 2 hours. Yeah you read it right, 2 hours. I may not even have the time to review those comments whether there are valid ones erroneously filtered by the two comment spam plugins.

Now, then, I would like to request my commentators who may find their comments not able to come through in the article they are commenting on to notify me via the contact page. This is very important and I want you to know that I value your comments very much that I don’t want them lost.

Moreover, I can now re-activate other javascript plugins like post-ratings, etc., that I once deactivated to give way to this inutile plugin.

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