An Island Rediscovered

The Pearl Qatar is a (USD) multi billion man-made island covering 985 acres (400 hectares) of reclaimed land offshore the Arabian Peninsula state of Qatar. It is the country’s first international real estate venture, its largest real estate development and the first to offer international investors freehold. It is a four-phase mixed-use development comprising 10 distinct, themed districts to be developed over five years housing beachfront villas, elegant town homes, luxury apartments, exclusive penthouses, 5 star hotels, marinas, schools as well as upscale retail and restaurant offerings. It will be a destination in its own right – a lavish, secure and exclusive island retreat with a Riviera-style community.

pearl qatar

The Pearl-Qatar will be a secure, family oriented environment. It will be like no other destination in the Middle East. Modeled on the best of the Mediterranean, it will be the Arabian Riviera (Riviera Arabia) and will offer a lifestyle reminiscent of France and Italy in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. The Pearl-Qatar, with 40 kilometres of reclaimed coastline and 20 kilometres of pristine beaches, will be a tourist destination in its own right.

Target completion date is by 2010.

Well, when this is finished, this should be the main tourist attraction in the country, huh!

More pictures of the future Pearl-Qatar:

pearl qatar pic2



A question is playing in my mind like this:

Do you think this kind of project can be possibly applied in the Philippines?

I don’t think so.

  • Reclamation – surely this will receive a lot of public criticism. Even the reclamation in Roxas Boulevard invited a great deal of negative feedbacks.
  • Weather Condition – it’s not a problem here in Qatar because rain comes only once, twice, or at most thrice a year. No worry for floods, typhoons, landslides, etc. Even the city (Doha) need not have (and doesn’t actually have) a drainage system.
  • Well, you can actually elaborate more on this one!

    3 thoughts on “An Island Rediscovered”

    1. The Pearl Qatar, after its completion, will be a reclamation wonder of the world. WOW!

      On your question if this can be applied in the Philipines, I don’t think so. Our government does not have enough funds for this. Besides, we have a lot of islands here.

    2. Yeah I forgot to mention the site for more info. You can read more about the Pearl Qatar at their site or the developer’s (UDC) site.

      @ John, the pictures were taken from UDC site.

      @ gmcmanalo, yeah! “Reclamation Wonders of the World…” Good thing it’s not “Reclaimed Wonders of the World”…hehe

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