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Freebies from deuts.net

I should have posted this on the 1st of September. Nevertheless, better late than never.

Wallpaper cornicheDeuts.net offers you free wallpaper download featuring the deuts.net photography. For the September 2007, we have the photo I took of a boat in Corniche last May. Click on the image to view the larger image. Then, right-click on the image, save image/picture as on your local disk, then you know what to do.

This wallpaper was created using Big Huge Labs’ wallpaper maker and features a September 2007 calendar. It fits well in a 1280 x 800 screen resolution. You might want to adjust it if you’re using a different screen resolution (e.g., 1024×768 or 800×600).

deuts.net photography 103

We spent a long walk the other Friday along the Corniche area while lagging around my Canon EOS 30D.


Boat at the Corniche

After around 2 hours of walking, we found ourselves at the Salam Plaza, looking into more photography gears. I tried the Canon Speedlite 430ex into my camera and they were inseparable thereafter. The damage: QR 998 (US$ 268).

The results of my new found flash photography to be posted in future posts.

deuts.net photography 102

I was just exploring flickr, and I stumbled upon this stunning pictures taken of the Villagio Mall here in Doha.

Villagio Mall

Villagio Boat

Remember, I also once featured here in deuts.net the Villagio Mall:

Venice at the Heart of the Desert?

Venice at the Heart of the Desert

I’m wondering, how can this guy still can take more interesting pictures of the same place than I can? I guess, I still have a lot to learn in photography huh. The problem is, there’s not much interesting place here in Doha to practice my skills. Or maybe I just lacked the talent, to turn an uninteresting subject into an interesting one?

I need to find out, I have to go out this Friday to find out!

Hey Marky, wanna join me for a stroll this Friday? 🙂

deuts.net photography 101

I don’t think I still need to create a photoblog. Instead, I plan to retain the coppermine gallery, and anything related to deuts.net photography will be posted here.

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Betos Menu

All Meat

Betos Icecream

Betos Belt



Bar Starbucks

PS. The whole album can be found here.

Only in Qatar 101

In this post, and maybe some more in the future (that’s why the 101, because there might still be 102, 103, and so on), I would like to point out some singularities of living in Qatar. Some of these may not be particularly unique only to Qatar, but as it is different compared to my beloved Pilipinas – anyway, I’ve only lived in these two countries so far.

  1. Camels – being a desert country, I thought I would see a lot of camels around. However, this is not the case. Instead, you only see camels as exhibits in certain places. As a matter of fact, camels were already replaced by Land Cruisers on the road.
  2. Roundabouts – this country is just simply full of roundabouts. You’ll see them almost all over Doha, the capital. Did it help ease out traffic? Well maybe before, but not now with the volume level of cars and trucks swarming the city.
  3. Drainage System – obviously because of the scarcity of rain in this country, government failed or maybe just simply ignored provision for drainage system.
  4. Street Names – from the looks of it, every street has a name. However, if you ask people about the street names or mentioning the name to a taxi driver, they wouldn’t know. They’ll just give you a blank look. Obviously, they don’t know the names. Even the major roads like the C-Ring, D-Ring, etc., they are not familiar with. You’ll have to rely on the use of landmarks if you want to go from one place to another. By the way, all offices and houses have PO Boxes. That’s where postal mail will reach you.
  5. Construction Everywhere – wherever you go in the city, you’ll encounter construction going on. What’s annoying, though, is that in some cases it seems like eternity before construction is through. Just take for example the construction at the side of the road of the Toyota Tower (Al Abdulghani Tower), at the corner of C-Ring and Airport Road, since we arrived here more than 6 months ago, the construction is already going on. Until now it’s not yet finished. A friend even suggested before that it should have been finished before the start of the Asian Games, but now Asian Games is long way over, and it’s not yet done.
  6. Foreigners outnumbering the locals – going around the city, it won’t take long for you to realize that indeed foreigners outnumber the locals.
  7. Qtel – apparently they are the only telco in the country, providing telephone, mobile phone and internet connectivity. I’m just glad we already have our ADSL connection (at last!), at least I had a break from waiting long minutes over the phone for the customer service representative to pick-up, while you don’t really have a ground at which you can voice out your feedback about their service.

Well, so far those are my collection. If you are also in Qatar or maybe have been here and you want to add on the list above, just leave a comment below. More pecularities to follow as I encounter (and take note of) them in the future.

The Christmas in Doha

Celebrating Christmas with fellow Filipinos in Doha. Well, after all, the spirit was present with some “exchange gifts”, foods, friends, pusoy, videoke, and of course, some beers and cheers!

Yeah, there is San Miguel Beer in Doha:









An Island Rediscovered

The Pearl Qatar is a (USD) multi billion man-made island covering 985 acres (400 hectares) of reclaimed land offshore the Arabian Peninsula state of Qatar. It is the country’s first international real estate venture, its largest real estate development and the first to offer international investors freehold. It is a four-phase mixed-use development comprising 10 distinct, themed districts to be developed over five years housing beachfront villas, elegant town homes, luxury apartments, exclusive penthouses, 5 star hotels, marinas, schools as well as upscale retail and restaurant offerings. It will be a destination in its own right – a lavish, secure and exclusive island retreat with a Riviera-style community.

pearl qatar

The Pearl-Qatar will be a secure, family oriented environment. It will be like no other destination in the Middle East. Modeled on the best of the Mediterranean, it will be the Arabian Riviera (Riviera Arabia) and will offer a lifestyle reminiscent of France and Italy in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. The Pearl-Qatar, with 40 kilometres of reclaimed coastline and 20 kilometres of pristine beaches, will be a tourist destination in its own right.

Target completion date is by 2010.

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