NBA Live 2007 – The Final Straw

ps2 nba live 2007NBA Live 07 is a lot like its cover athlete, Tracy McGrady: It’s capable of some stunning moves, worthy of the highlight reels, but is a little too offensive-minded and selfish. It’s got a lot of skill, but doesn’t do enough to get to the playoffs. – Quote

Here I would like to echo some of the reviews found over the world wide web, including forums, etc. over the buggy and glitchy program, NBA Live 2007.

Hold your breath, this is going to be a lengthy one…

Also, defense still isn’t as entertaining to play as it should be. It always feels like you’re just waiting around for your chance to score. – Quote

You broke my heart, NBA Live 07, you broke my heart. The game is full of bugs and glitches that make it almost impossible to play, and the few additions with the X-Factor and “redefined” Freestyle Superstar controls don’t make enough impact on the game to make it playable or enjoyable. – Quote

Here’s one, the fans call it the final straw in

As long time NBA Live fans, some of us even from when EA was putting “vs.” in their titles, we have been around the block with EA many times. Most of us have gone beyond mere fans into “fanatics” spending countless man-hours on fan sites or making modifications or patches for the games. Even those of us who have not, have spent as many hours involving ourselves in an ever expanding community of other NBA Live fans. If anyone deserves the tag “hardcore fan” it’s us. We have stuck by EA and NBA Live in the face of serious competition from the 2K series.

For us however, NBA Live 07 is the final straw. The one that broke the camel’s back. The spark that set the field ablaze. Until this release we overlooked any flaws in the game, ones that some of us considered major even if others of us considered them minor. But this release has ignited feelings that EA doesn’t care about its fans, which is the reason we are writing today.

Whether EA does or does not care about its fans, the bigger issue is perception, and the image that EA presents is that they don’t care. Every year, we as a community submit one or more wishlists, often with the same wishes from year to year. A lack of implementation of the wishes sows seeds of belief that EA isn’t paying attention. When EA releases a game in which the CPU won’t even use its bench, and overrides user substitutions, it sows seeds that EA doesn’t care and just wanted to cash in. When major online media do not recieve review copies, it leads to the belief that EA knew the product was defective but proceeded anyway. When community members contact EA and receive a response that seems to imply EA isn’t too interested in fixing the problems, and telling us to wait until the next game, it does quite a bit of harm to our faith in the company.

While we’d love a patch to fix the major issues with the game, that is not the major focus of our letter, as we have a patch petition for that. Our focus is not simply on this release, but a sense that we also see in other EA-related communities whether it’s the NFL gaming community or the people who play Battlefield 2.

At one time, EA was producing the best titles money could buy and one had little reason to look elsewhere. Now gamers have a sense that if you want the best, it’s not EA. Whether it’s looking at the NBA 2K series for our basketball game fix, users leaving Battlefield 2 because they feel the problems will never be addressed, or former FIFA players moving onto Pro Evolution/Winning Eleven, it’s a sense that we are all sharing. We look at NBA Live over the last few years and we see the same basic game being re-released with new fancy features. The same elemental problems from the last few years are still there, some have been tweaked but the overall issues still exist. While there are plenty of new features, it gives the impression that EA is saying in response to the lingering issues “yeah, well, HEY! Look at this!” Be it All-Star Weekend (a long time wish that EA has in fact fulfilled), superstar moves or dynasty additions. While those additions are nice to have, it is piling on a base that cannot support it. Instead of addressing the underlying fractures, EA is just constructing a new structure on the old crumbling foundation.

As alluded to earlier, it’s not just the practice of EA’s actions as much as the perception. EA is often criticized for rushing out products, going back on its word and ignoring fans. While EA may or may not be doing that, when one hears these things, it’s easy to fit what the company is doing into that mold. It doesn’t help when we look at other communities, where the game developers openly participate on the forums and seem to be actively involved in the community. While EA has made overtures to the NBA Live community over the years, whether it was hiring Tim, holding Community Summit/Days, participating in interviews or sharing screenshots and videos, it still seems like EA is distant and uninvolved in the community. Even if we have an inkling EA is reading the forums daily, the impression is still there that they aren’t paying attention at all. Some of us are looking for little more than EA explaining why they did or didn’t do something in the game, for acknowledgement of issues or ideas presented, for assistance in greater understanding of the game.

When we find major issues in the game and hear nothing from EA. When we take the steps to contact EA and get a response that seems to do more to harm our opinion than satisfy us. And when we’re told we shouldn’t share what EA has told us. It all serves to reinforce our negative perceptions. If this continues it seems inevitable that more and more players will eventually give up on NBA Live.

The question that we’re increasingly asking ourselves becomes, while we’re willing to put in the effort to improve the game, is EA?

Various people
(better check the link)

In NBa Live Series Center, a petition was made to fix the bugs as follows:

Dear NBA LIVE 07 Production Team,

I am writing on behalf of the online NBA LIVE community to petition the release of a patch that will fix some major issues in the latest instalment in the NBA LIVE series that severely impede enjoyment of the game and the realism it strives to create. As a community we have compiled a list of the most important areas of concern as well as some less important but nevertheless significant problems and a few minor issues, which you can find below.

Attached to this letter you will also find a list with the email addresses of the users who support our cause. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Andrew Begley
NBA Live Series Center
Webmaster/Forum Administrator

On behalf of:
The NBA Live Series Center Team & the NBA Live Online Community &

    Major Issues (Top Priority)

  • Teams don’t sub normally for both human and CPU. Players only leave if there is foul trouble, and often do not come back for an extended period of time. Fatigue does not affect substitutions, and it was reported that a starter that is exhausted but not in foul trouble will be sent back into the game if an attempt to bench him was made.
  • Add sliders for Fatigue and CPU Substitution Frequency
  • Provide alternative shorter seasons rather than only full 82 game seasons similar to previous years’ versions
  • Point guard takes too many shots/scores too often; primacy issue? It was reported that the point guard does not fatigue compared to all the other players.
  • When ending a matchup by clicking on ‘Quit Game’ rather than returning to the main menu, it literally exits the game. [Both EA Downloader and PC-DVD version]
  • Save stats button (especially for online leagues)
    Significant Issues

  • The small square not disappearing when hiding the menu in instant replay mode
  • After calling a play, there’s an inability to see where to set up plays
  • Direct pass position assignment not correctly mapped to gamepad. ie: dunk label appears over player, pressing the dunk button will pass to a player with the lay-up label.
  • If locked as a player, the CPU does not auto inbound. Inbounds are only done if one presses the pass button. This is a significant gameplay issue if one is locked as a power forward or center.
  • While using direct pass, player lock or off ball mode is enabled without clicking on the right analog stick (Thrustmaster & Logitech controllers)
  • No option to turn the stamina bar on in direct IP mode
  • Can’t access PDA during trade player phase unless you get a new message
  • With two players on the same team using player lock for both, one of the players will frequently lose the ability to play
  • Most often, defense are not aware of the opposing team’s SG and SF on the transition. Momentarily, they will be wide open for long jumpers.
  • Pressing the direct pass does not automatically switch to the player closest to the basket. The manual falsely states otherwise.
  • When starting a dynasty, detail settings cannot be changed.
    Minor Issues

  • Add missing key players
  • Add missing jerseys and replace incorrect courts (Toronto Raptors)
  • Incorrect head textures
  • If a player gets blocked, the layup/dunk will count as 0/2 FG
  • A deflected pass counts as a turnover
  • There are no averages at the Team Stats screen
  • Occasionally, the CPU player dribbles until time winds down in non-clutch situations
  • Some settings like preferences are set to default each time you load the game
  • Can’t release players during the FA negotiation period
  • Players occasionally warp (disappear then re-appear)
  • Jab steps (and other pivot moves) triggers a freestyle move (ie:
  • Camera zoom levels are never saved, it resets to default after quitting a game
  • Occasionally, when the center or power forward inbounds the ball after opposition scored, switching to an off-ball player other than the PG resulted in the C/PF holding the ball and not passing it to the active player (5-second violation)
  • There are “six” starters on the International team
  • A player retires at age 57 after playing only one year in the league
  • Rasheed Wallace and Pau Gasol cannot dunk, literally.
  • When a player blocks a jumper rather than a dunk or layup, the block will not count.
  • Three pointers either count a feet away from the line in a certain area or on the line in a different area.
  • Sometimes on a score and foul, the basket doesn’t count, but the player shoots only one free throw.
  • Notifications for injuries or fouls occasionally do not show up.
  • Player textures are shown significantly different in the game and in the player edit screen.
  • The instant replay cuts off every time a player inbounds the ball, missing the finishing play.
  • Players have jumped 15 feet in the air.
  • Starters are occasionally benched prior to the start of a game.

Highlighting on the issues I found especially irrititating:

  1. No Fatigue Slider to control how soon should the players get exhausted

Over at youtube, videos have been posted to present where really the bugs lie:

The text below are some of the comments/messages from fans I compiled from easports forum together with my own comments, if any:

This game is terrible. The Graphics are choppy, the movements arnt fluid at all. I just got the game today, and im in the middle of my first game and had to take a break to complain. Why cant we get something as good as NBA Live 06 for Xbox and just give it HD graphics. You guys should really stop adding features for the next gen system till you can make the game decent. I love the series but this i garbage just like last years. Next time around i might just go with 2k sports. Sorry

Yeah, I share the same sentiment. Why instead of focusing in introducing more sophisticated features, why not just concentrate on the gameplay first. Since NBA Live 2004, the gameplay (what I mean by gameplay is the way how this video game simulates a real NBA game) just became worse, from NBA Live 2005, 2006, and now worst, 2007!

This one in the forum of the EA official site. I’m pasting it verbatim, so please bear with the grammatical and spelling errors. You will understand the message anyway even with those errors. I just don’t wanna edit it.

Not since NBA live 2003 have I wrote for you guys to improve the gaming and graphics of NBA live, but this is as much as a man can take! What the hell is this crap that you guys are passing of as the NBA live series that I have known and love? This is a big let down.

Let me first explain my situation. I am a young man that has bought every Live series up to date from 95. I have even in instances bought it for more than one system in the same year. Please keep in mind that I live in the Bahamas, and over here, the merchants buy the games from the US at it’s base price. They then return over here and sell these games for $100 – $120! So I speak on behave of many over here. Anyways after purchasing Live 06, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. There were many problems with this game, including the unreal constant dunking over whole teams and the incredible ability of Allen Iverson to steal a ball over 30+ times in a single game, but it seems like a cake walk compared to what Live 07 is.

Me and a very angry friend of mine are basketball & football fanatics. I will honestly admit that every year we purchase both NBA Live and NBA2K (we also buy Madden and NFL2K), and even bought the NBA 06 the Life for a change of pace. I will admit that I enjoyed NBA 06, just because it was different and fresh. After comparing the three basketball games I would have to say that Live was disappointing and finished last out of the three, but being the loyal fan I still buy it without hesitation.

The graphics for the xbox360 are very good, but it seems that it was the only improvement made to a dying series. My brother has a copy of the PS2 version, but there is no positive change.

Here is the ULTIMATE LIST of PROBLEMS with NBA Live 2007

1) I must first ask, why was Tracey McGrady selected to be on the North American cover of Live this year? I noticed that Dwayne Wade was on the cover of 2006. His team played against what I think is the best team in the NBA. SHAQ made the cover of 2K7, so why wasn’t the other best player of the 2006 Finals not placed on the cover. Dirk Nowitzki! Is it that they have to be American to make the US cover? I really thought that was poor recognition of my favorite player in the NBA. Tracy sat most of the season out with injury, and when he returned, his team still didn’t make a good showing, so how was he selected?

2) I don’t know if you guy’s realized it but some of us actually played our games with the center court camera angle! Not every body likes to play with a back view of the players. Please place the variety back on the camera options. It’s impossible to tell if you are to far away to attempt a lay up or dunk. I found myself behind the backboard many of times. The frame work is horrible!

3) The dunking, the dunking, the dunking, the dunking!!!!! It’s so silly to find your self being jumped over on every other trip down the court. I know that dunking is an exciting aspect of the game but you guys are over doing it. The variety of dunks are of no problem, but it’s just that a player can play an entire game and win by just dunking with a high-flyer and win the game. May I suggest a meter of some sort for a high-flyer to build up to perform the super embarrassing dunks! It would make it fell more real. Kobe, VC, Lebron, Dwayne, and Mac don’t poster that many people in one game.

4) After playing NBA 06, I was very impressed with there crossovers! I am sure than anyone who has it would agree. Live is basically a run and shoot, or run and dunk. There is no crossovers at all! No way to slow the pase, then penetrate the paint. It’s all part of the game, so please. Even though I have coined NBA 06, I still play it because of the realistic crossovers. I also notice that it is impossible to start a fast break any more! What’s up with this? Why does the defender looks as if he is trying to get in your pants? It’s as if he holds you down. Damn!

5) I wondering if this game was rushed because the glitches and the unsmooth flow of the game is making me miserable. On a inbound of a ball, I notice that I as a defender can not control my player to attempt a steal. He doesn�t move in the direction I am moving him. WTF?

a) The players don’t touch the rim as they dunk sometimes.

b) The ball looks like as if it teleports to the players instead of being passed.

c) There is no low post game, no post up. If that�s what you guys call post up, heaven help us. (Please compare to NBA 06)

d) Just to restate the crossover issue. (Please compare to NBA 06)

e) Really haven’t notice the unique individual styles of the superstars that has been boasted about, but I will continue to look.

f) The cut scenes after making a basket looks poorly crafted and the players end up in very weird spots. I would much rather Live 06 when you would score and there was no cut scene. The player, for example like KG would do some celebration taunt and would be late to make it back on defense, but he would at lease manage to get a great come from behind block.

g) The blocks are trash! It seems that everybody can manage a superstar type block. Which results in a foul. I prefer that of Live 06 even though some guys like KG, Ben, Shaq, and Dalembert would rain terror on anyone that dear try.

h) The game speed is to slow but that is fixable, we just boost it up to 75 and then it seems more real speed. What ever happened to the fatigue choice? I play with it on, but kids like my brother really like the game to stay upbeat. They don’t know anything fatigue, the choice should at lease be there to make.

i) The free-throw has become harder than ever! On previous versions we played with the free- throw difficulty at 100, if you try this in 07 I guarantee that you will hit 1 out of every 15 free-throw. I don’t wanna press O because it’s cheating. Most of the games between me and my angry friend are decided in the fourth, sometimes on free-throw. I liked the older version much more!

j) What�s up with the automatic substitutions! Am I not allowed to control all the aspects of the team any more? It’s kinda hard to take a three with Dirk to win the game, then to realize that he has be sub by Austin Croshier who then shoots air balls!

k) Why does the ball travel thru players and players travel thru other players?

l) Dunking thru the back board? WTF?

m) Its mind boggling that a player can miss so many lay ups with no pressure. Missing regular dunks, I mean what’s going on here.

n) The collision factor is so of, there is a foul every other trip down the court when I don’t even touch the guy.

o) Oh hell yes! WHY is it that on every other possession I find myself locked on a certain player when I didn’t ask for that! I HATE THIS!!!!!!

p) The slam dunk competition is pathetic! Why are we reliving the same dunks? To make it worse, the ball is harder than ever to control on a toss. We completely omitted the dunk competition on Live 06 because no one could catch the alley oops! Live 05 will forever be the best dunk competition.

The Good things I have to say is the graphics, the info, and the commentating! But I believe you guys are letting Marv Albert get to ya�ll head. They are better compared to 2k7 that has none. Normally we would play individual dynasty modes with our favorite teams, then choose a sub � par team and play together thru a dynasty, but that has been called of, in fact we have only played the game for 2 hours and both became fed up with it. I love EA but I love sports more! I guess this season will be cut short by only coining 2K7 and NBA 07.

I paid $110 for NBA Live and I feel that it was money wasted. I pray you guys get ya stuff together cause you really don�t know how many fans and money you stand to lose if this happens in 2008.


I liked his idea about the dunk. I can make Rip Hamilton dunk his way all throughout the game, and my opponent just couldn’t find a way to stop him. It’s just even Rip Hamilton, in the first place, what about Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, etc? Yeah, what about that what he was referring to as a meter where if at some point of the game that meter is full, the high flyer can capitalize on it and perform that mind-blowing dunk! Just like the x-factor, heh.

With all those dunks, the game is really like an arcade instead of a simulated one. And I hate it. You can’t play defense at all.

Oh, and yeah, did I already mention that in fastbreaks the offensive (spefically the ballhandler) always runs faster than ihis defense. I mean how could this happen? The ballhandler has the ball to protect from being stolen, while the defense only has to watchout the ballhandler getting into the lane, and yet….

1st of all i was a loyal fan of live dating back to the days of lakers vs celtics and the NBA playoffs (circa 1990s) and i really emphasis “was”… i was highly disappointed in this years incarnation. EA really just threw in the towel to 2K Sports by releasing a game with flaws and bugs. One bug in particular is the the option of Locking onto a player. I would lock on as the shooting guard, play the first quarter or so and then all of the sudden, I would be locked onto another position of my team or be unlocked!! This is frustrating to those who play locked for all these years!! Not only that but the dribbling is horrendous! I don’t want to do a crossover if I don’t want to! I also hate how I’ll pass the ball when I don’t want to either…

… i just got fed up and sold it less than 24 hours for store credit to buy 2K7. My first overall impressions are quite good considering how much I DID NOT want to “crossover.” But the problems were too glaring and I must say I salvaged what was left… EA has let a very loyal customer down. I pray and hope that you guys bribe the 2K programmers to jump over to the EA team to resurrect this dying franchise…

the pc version despratly needs a patch there are many complaints about the game crashing after the end of the game, cpu not subing in a game and other issues which can be found on the pc forums. these guys r angry and need a patch. so i can safely say for all of them that a patch for the pc version would be greatly appreciated


I don’t know if everyone has this problem, but the opposing team’s point guard just runs into the lane, throws up a shot and gets fouled. Nash did this 6 times in a row to me today, and its’s nearly impossible to stop. I do give them props for the innovative free throw method, it’s not a piece of cake anymore. You actually have to concentrate, like real NBA players. But I really think all this can start by firing some of the guys who do the game, or require them to watch at least SOME basketball.

After playing a few more games, I must update my initial review.

Rating: 5.5 / 10 (was 8.0 / 10)

The Good: Better graphics, animations; announcers are great. Crowd gets into the game. (8/10)

The Bad: CPU PG dominance (PG shoots 60% of all shots), no substitutions by CPU, too many outside shots by CPU, to many isolation plays by CPU, bad shot selection at times by CPU, basically plays more arcade than a
simulation. (2/10)

The Ugly: As stated above, the Artificial Intelligence is poor! This game, now is unplayable by me till something miraculous happens and a patch is applied. Sorry, this games AI plays WORSE than NBA Live 06. I love NBA basketball: this game does not respresent NBA basketball as far as gameplay.

I now feel if I really want to play a good basketball video game I will have to go out and buy a console to play NBA 2k7 which is recieving rave reviews.

Well………….. damn! I hate to feel this way about live but I can’t ignore my feelings anymore. Buying live 07 was like buying rims for a car that really needed a new transmission!!!!!(360 version)I have been buying live since 95!!! When dreamcast came out I purchased 2k for two years because it was a superior game and then went back to live ever since. I enjoyed last years game alot even thought it had it’s problems, the same problems we all know live has every year.

1.Complete lack of defense
2. dunking over 3 people constantly
3. % of made three pointers always way too high!
etc….. etc……..
4. no need to use your teamates or run any plays like real nba basketball.

I still enjoyed the game last year and it was the main game I played online! this year……. I am extremly disapionted! WHy?

1. they completely ruined the dribbling moves with the right stick which was what i loved most about the game. This is just horrible I have no clue what they were thinking. Its strange because some of the move you can do in practice cant be done int the game! wtf

2. you can still go an entire game without shooting a jumper just dunking on anyone you wish whenever you want. (pj brown looked like shaq 99 when I played my boy last night) Anyone who disagrees and tells me you have to play defense isn’t a true live player. It has been this way since they first made the game. It actually wasn’t as bad in live 95(i would rather play that!)

3. The game has completely lost it’s smooth gameplay in an attempt to keep the players from sliding and mimic actual foot movements. This was a great idea just very poorly executed. The result is it’s almost impossible to play one on one defense, or any defense at all.

4. The excessive motion caputring of moves allows players to use their freestlye moves from weird spots on the court. They also end up finishing in weird places and it doest look or feel like real basketball.

5. they have made the jumpshooting and the players movements unpredictable and unresponsive. Play in the paint is almost laughable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite all the flaws EA refuses to change year after year, live has always been alot of fun to play. My biggest complaint is that I didn’t even enjoy playing this game (live 07). I put it down after a couple of games against the cpu. I later played online and, that experience was horrible. I have a full speed connection but the play was a mix between lagging and then speeding up past the regular speed of the game!WTF! WHat sense does this make! I was promised high speed gaming! I usually get that with madden but this *****! where is the next gen AT? They have made no next gen inovations other than graphics, just now catching up with stuff xbox had last year and, executing those things poorly. I played the 2k demo but the controls felt weird being that I am so used to live. I did have fun playing the game though. THe graphics are different but, If you think lives are so much better then your only fooling yourself. What i played wasa game that felt and played more realistic and wasn’t dominated by dunks. Im not sure if im going get 2K but, I want a good basketball game and live 07 certainly is not it! Ea, Please stop trying to add invations to the game before fixing the basic problems that you already have in your game. Hire some people that actually play or watch basketball. Bringing a player in to do somemotion capture moves doesnt guarantee realize in you your game. I hope you can regain some of you past glory but im surly not encouraged! I will not buy this game agin before renting it first. I waisted money on maddden last year now I have waisted more on live this year!

This is the worst NBA Live yet, unfortunatly once you open the case Best Buy doesn’t allow you to return it! This is what I waited for? Too much effort went into the graphics and the freestyle(way too much time) but the most important part of the game was neglected… the actual GAME play and the controls, should have just left the same gameplay from Live 06. I am truly dissapointed! I would suggest that you callback all the games and try again! Not to be completely negative, the only plus side that I can give credit for is, all the teams’ rosters are up-to-date(for the most part). I’m trying to play the game more and more in efforts that it may grow on me but the more I play it the more I hate it. I don’t mean to come across as an *** but I have stood behind EA Live games since ’92 but the years NBA Live 07 has me wanting to consider NBA 2K7, so many things from the previous NBA Live games is missing from this one even as simple as the leading player stats for both teams but man I wish I could get my money back! Stop focus on new controls and new freestyles, like you honestly ruined the NBA Live Dynasty, hopefully Live 08 will redeem my faith in EA sports games.

I have to say that I absolutely can’t stand playing this game. It is just absolutely the most unrealistic thing that I have ever played. I have NBA Live 07 for my PS2 and I will not play this game ever again. I have played the NBA Live games since they came out in 95, but this is my last one. No matter what team you play against, the opposing teams point guard is unstoppable. They can literally dribble through your player as if he isn’t even standing in front of him. Every shot that the oppositions 3 point threat puts up goes in whether they are fading backwards or sideways or even on the run from beyond the line, but when you’re 3 point threat shoots when they are wide open they rarely ever make it. Every time I get a breakaway, the oppositions player can hit me from behind, even when they aren’t close enough to touch my player and cause you to fall and ultimately miss the shot, yet the CPU can drive the lane and hit every imaginable shot. It gets so frustrating to play that I actually took the game out of my PS2 and threw it out the window.

Well, ok, I already have my hands up in this game. You can actually read unlimited number of negative comments about this product in the internet. Maybe, in my opinion, it’s just that it is impossible to simulate a real NBA game in any computer console… or maybe EA just simply sucks!

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  1. Di ba maganda? Tatlong beses ko pa lang nalalaro. Nung una kong laro 22/22 si kobe bale 10/10 sa three points 12/12 sa two points at 2/2 sa free throw or equivalent to 56 points.

    Nung sumunod na laro may mintis na pero dominant para rin. di ko pa na-try mag dunk puro jump shot lang kasi iba na key ng dunk kaya nalilito pa ako.

    Sa computer rental ko pa lang nagagawa. Sa computer ko kasi 06 pa lang ang laman.

    Try mo nga nba2k tapos magbigay ka na lang ng feed back

  2. Uy, a long time live contender! hehe cge pag nakakita ako ng nba2k7 try ko tapos post ko dito review. ps2 lng pala nilalaro namin dito nina Marc. hndi ko pa din nasubukan ung sa PC na version. e ung sa pc daw unstoppable kahit bobo na point guard, tama ba un?

  3. Agree with everything said. If people are looking to stop them from hitting outside shots all the time or such things, change the game play settings in settings, and change such things as ability to rebound, shoot and block etc.

    There needs to be a huge improvement in the game play. PG as said by most is ridiculous, they are unstoppable. Post up play, come on please, anything in the paint is so unrealistic. I pray for a good NBA game!


  5. That has to be one of the glitches users found in the game. I even noticed that this does not apply only to PC version, but it also exists in the PS2.

  6. hey people!… lage me nag lalaro ng NBA live 2007.. kayang kaya i defensa.. wag lang ninyo hayaan ang player na maka distance at mapasukan ang defensa nio.. cguradong points nanaman.. lahat naman talaga na naglalaro sa NBA magaling dba? so kung bibigyan mo talaga ng chance na tumira ng walang kahirap hirap pasok talaga. hindi lang kasi yung problema sa gameplay.. kailangan din ng love sa paglalaro.. parang ikaw ung mismo nandun… try nio.. higpitan ang defensa at calm down lang sa paglalaro. makikita nio kung gano ka sarap.. tnx..

    i admit na natatalo din ako.. kasi minsan wala sa mood.. so just focus on the game.

  7. Compared to other NBA e2 na yata ang pinka bano lalo na sa PC pag magla2n kana at superstar-simulation mode gamit niu wag kana umasa na man2lo ka through shooting! Kahit nga magdunk ka na lang sa buong game lalo na pag may highflyer ung team na kalaban mo ta2lunan nia ung buong team mu! No choice talaga kung di magdunk lang ng magdunk kundi sure ka na mata2lo!!!! SA superstar-simulation mode kc sa PC sobrang hirap magshoot sa PS2 sobrang dali namn kaya mai2nis ka talaga!>_

  8. Look, I understand your concern. And I’m grateful you voiced it out. We share the same sentiments, don’t worry. But note that this is not a public forum, instead this is my personal website. So I needed to edit your comment to get rid of those bad words you earlier posted.

    Good luck to us in the future versions of NBA Live, or else we have an option to play other NBA games out there.

  9. I have nba live 2004 but i can’t access my PDA. Everytime i click on my message icon it will open but there are no messages and i can’t return to the main menu anymore. I have to re-start. What shall i do?Please somebody help…..

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