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41 Tax Haven Countries

The four criteria for a country to be considered as tax haven are: insignificant or non-existent tax levels, absence of transparency in tax matters, absence of fiscal data exchange with other countries and attractiveness for straw companies with fictitious activities. The only criteria that’s clear to me is the last one, and I highlight: “attractiveness for straw companies with fictitious activities“. :LOL: Check out the list of 41 countries considered by OECD as tax haven countries in inquirer.net.

The Deuts Times

I found this article, The Big Bad Bullies of Philippine Broadcasting, quite interesting. However true this is, it’s for you to decide. (Update: The link is not working anymore.)

Manny Pacquiao endorses Binay’s opponents in the coming elections.

A seaman’s dream turns into reality, John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation now a university.

One Dies in Asian Games 2006

Who would have thought that a friendly game like the Asian Games can bring casualty? Here’s the news…

Equestrian athlete Kim Hyung Chil of Korea has died after falling from his horse during the individual cross country competition this morning, Thursday 7 December.

Read the news.

Update: Nevermind, you’d better grab the latest newspaper than reading that link in the official website of the Doha 2006 Asian Games. It’s just returning a 404!

Retake of the 2006 Nursing Exam

In a bid to redeem the sullied integrity of the country’s nursing profession and the professional licensure examinations, President Arroyo has ordered a retake of the June 2006 nursing tests which were earlier marred by leakage.
Read the news. (Update: Nevermind reading that Manila Bulletin article. It’s broken. I think their server can’t handle old articles. That’s what you call a newspaper of national circulation. After you read the paper, you throw it away. They thought the same is applicable in online publication! How pity!)

In a way, maybe. But the question is why it took the President too long to decide on this matter? The exam was in June, and her order comes in September? Okay, maybe she was awaiting the result of the investigation (by the NBI?). Now another question arises, “What was the result of the investigation?” Why don’t they make it black and white. Did the investigation proved that there was indeed a leakage or otherwise?

Looking deeper into this matter, has this practice been happening before? And since when?

In order to restore public confidence in new nursing graduates as well as the conduct of the licensure exams in the country, there has got to be a clear result, a vantage point at which we (Filipinos and foreigners alike) can share a common perspective on this incident. From then on, we can form our own opinion and judgment.

Fortunately, this did not happen to the accountancy profession…(knock on wood!)

In the News

Last Friday, I received an email inviting all Deloitte professionals to join a photo contest:

Deloitte is looking for photos that capture the essence of the brand taking the journey on various modes of transportation. This is in connection with the Annual Review that will focus on Becoming the Standard of Excellence and the journey that we are taking together. This will tell the story about the journey through client stories, internal stories, and third-party commentary.

The photos should be journalistic style. Subjects should not look into the camera. It is not necessary to show the face of the subject.  Photos of just the journey without people may be acceptable. Think, the open road’s desert with footprints.

The prize…a video iPod and a trip to New York.

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