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Mac Desktop Client for FICS

UPDATE: I actually already found a great FICS client for Mac: Raptor Chess.

If you have have read in my previous post, I’ve been a Mac convert for sometime now. And I would like very much to test the computing power of a Mac upto its full potential.

I also liked playing chess on FICS or freechess.org. And I have been looking for Apps or programs that can be a desktop client for connecting to FICS. In my Windows days, my favorite was Winboard, though I sometimes used BabasChess. Continue reading

Chess on a Mac

Admittedly, Chessbase’ Fritz 12 is the best program for the PC. The Fritz 12 (or even the Deep Fritz 12) engine may not be the strongest computer chess engine out there, but the Chessbase interface is able to deliver on its purpose. I use it widely when analyzing games and studying openings. I load my favorite engines like Rybka, Houdini, Stockfish, etc., to test some of the more stronger engines.

But the problem is it’s only available in PC. When oh when can they be able to make a program for the Mac? I’m a Mac convert now, and there really are a lot of Mac users who are anticipating this from Chessbase. Although I already paid for the licensed copy of Fritz 12 for Windows, I’ll be willing to shell out another for the Mac — for as long as it will natively run on the Intel Mac. Continue reading

Sparrow – What Makes a Mac a Mac

Apps like Sparrow Mail are what makes a Mac a Mac. Not just because it is available exclusively for Mac, but they integrate well with the Mac.

Sparrow is a desktop email client for Mac that works like a native desktop client especially for Gmail. It could even replicate most of the keyboard shortcuts of Gmail as you would do in a web browser. It’ll support IMAP for Yahoo! Mail as well. What’s more, email accounts other than Gmail will behave like Gmail inside Sparrow.

Watch the introductory video below:

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MBP: Upgraded to Mac OS X Lion 10.7

Just had my MacBook Pro 13″ upgraded to Mac OS X Lion (10.7), and all I can say so far I’m enjoying the new features.

There are over 250 features introduced with OS X Lion, the major of which are detailed in the Apple site. I only got to play with Snow Leopard for a week before Lion was made available, and it was my first Mac experience. So honestly, I may not the best person to tell the differences in features, but let me walk you through the obvious and the most enjoyable for me so far.

Check out the pictures that follow (which by the way was taken using my iPhone 4):

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The Ubuntu Experience

I’ve been tinkering with my laptop for the last week or so, and finally I was able to dual boot with Linux Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon v. 7.10) and Windows XP Service Pack 2. The result of which, as I was trying to show in my last post, is an OS X desktop look:

Deuts Desktop

I’ve searched the web for any help on how to do it, and so far the tutorial by Shailen Sobhee offered the greatest help, especially with the ability to choose at which operating you want to boot upon start up. I just wished though that from the start (not just in the comments section), he should have offered the procedures on how to partition (using the Paragon Partition Manager) the original Windows installation, that way I could have avoided losing my original installation (you see, I’m running a packaged Windows XP software into my machine with a systems recovery partition). Anyway, if you follow his tutorial, I suggest that you read through including the comments to know better. Nevertheless, it was a good and informative tutorial.

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