Say goodbye to Smart Unlidata 499 for Rocket Sim

Starting today, February 4, 2022, you can no longer enjoy the Smart unlimited data for just P499 per month with your Smart Rocket Sim.

Apparently, it was a promo for like 4 or 5 months only. Now back to regular programming.

The new plans that replaced UNLI DATA 499: the UNLI DATA 599 (best for personal use), and UNLI FAM 999 (best for families). Other than describing what they are best for, Smart didn’t really take an effort to explain the differences between the two. It seems the Rocket sim can subscribe to either package, and both can be used in pocket wifi devices. Perhaps, the cheaper UNLI DATA 599 is subject to stricter FAIR USAGE POLICY. We wish Smart would be more transparent about it.

P.S. Both new plans are available to Smart Rocket Sims, but not to regular 5G sims.

Update: it appears the 599 is limited to 5mbps. Still, more expensive than GOMO. Saw this on Facebook:

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