Notion Windows App is a Memory (RAM) Hog

Evernote has brought me so much disappointments that I wanted to ditch it as my primary note-taking app in favor of Notion.

Recently, I got a new computer (an i7 Intel NUC 11), and I opted to have 32GB of RAM installed. Now, coming from an 8GB-RAM laptop, I didn’t expect this new Windows machine to hit its memory limit anytime soon with my normal usage. Until I installed the Notion desktop app.

A quick check of my Task Manager reveals Notion app eating up almost 17.5GB of Memory.

A few moments after installing Notion, I noticed my NUC’s fans have gone berserk. When I checked the Task Manager, Notion was using up most of my RAM at 17.5GB. When I searched around, apparently this phenomenon has been talked about on Reddit. So off goes the Notion Windows 10 app. I guess I’ll have to contend with the web interface from then on.

Why get 32 GB of RAM?

Why shouldn’t I? Back in 2013, when flagship phones were running with just 2 to 3 GB of RAM, I got 8 GB on my MacBook Pro. Now I have my OnePlus 8 Pro with 12 GB of RAM as my daily driver, how do you expect my Mi Notebook Pro with 8 GB RAM compare with it?

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