Who’s up for a 1-Gbps Fiber internet connection?

Are you willing to spend P9,499.00 per month (~US$204.15) for a whopping 1Gbps fiber internet connection speed? That is — only if you’re located in Acropolis, Bel-Air Village, Forbes Park, Greenmeadows, Urdaneta Village, and White Plains areas.

Globe Plan 1Gbps for P9,499 per month

Globe Plan 1Gbps for P9,499 per month

That is what Globe has to offer as it tries to strengthen its broadband business.

Globe’s new Platinum Broadband Plans offer internet speed of up to:

  • 50 Mbps (Megabits per second) at Plan P2,499;
  • 100 Mbps at Plan P3,499;
  • 200 Mbps at Plan P4,499;
  • 500 Mbps at Plan P7,499; and
  • 1 Gbps at Plan P9,499.

Check out Rappler’s Globe launches own 1-Gbps broadband offering for P9,499 to learn more about the select areas where these plans will initially be rolled out.

My take on this

We still have to experience and/or test this if it’s truly 1Gbps. The fact that its “initial” availability is limited to posh communities only, it probably will take some time before we can put it to actual test. But of course, there’s no denying that these telcos always over-promise and under-deliver. Thus, frankly, I’m not so enthused!

For a commoner like me, a 5Mbps internet connection is more than enough. I challenge these internet service providers to make good on their promise, regardless if they’re just less than 10Mbps. If they do, they’ll find a patron in me.


  1. http://filipinogerman.blogsport.eu/philippine-internet-speed/ – hi deuts, just saw you on JoeAms blog… I would welcome your comment on the article about Philippine Internet speed done with help of some contributors at Joe America’s blog. Your knowledge of tech stuff in the Philippines is obviously very detailed, so it would be good to know if my article is on the money…

    • Hi Irineo, thanks for the comment and perhaps the compliments. I have just read your article and honestly I find it too technical for me. Perhaps, I’m not that knowledgeable at all as you proposed. hehe

      But let me just share my sentiment on the issue of Philippine internet speed. For me, yes internet is probably very slow in the country by global standards, but I find it more tolerable than say the traffic in Metro Manila.

      As an aside, this was actually a topic in the morning radio show ‘Good Times’ with Mo Twister and Sam Oh, and Mo was actually arguing that between the two he’d rather have heavy traffic but faster internet. To which I humbly disagree. For me, the heavy traffic is more fatal than the state of internet speed in the country. That’s where I think the government should allocate more resources on, solving the traffic problems of the country.

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