The pathetic state of our political party system

The Philippines’ political party system has gone haywire that it has become a norm for presidentiables to share some senatoriables in each of their senatorial line-ups.

At least 5 of the tandem’s [Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero] bets are shared candidates with the slates of administration and the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

— Rappler, Who are on the Poe-Escudero senatorial slate?

Imagine this: a presidential candidate endorsing and campaigning for a senatorial candidate, yet the latter does not return the favor but campaigns and votes for another presidentiable instead.

Consider that irony and tell me how pathetic we are to have such a political party system?

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  1. I read we are supposed to have a better party system after Cory Aquino’s term.. It went haywire when Aquino endorsed Fidel Ramos instead of the party’s nominated candidate Ramon Mitra. Ramos was defeated during the nomination, seeks Cory’s nomination, and got what he wanted. Now politicians can easily change party.. they care more on who’s endorsing then that the party’s political stance or principles (if any)… sad indeed.

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