Taking delight in my all-wheel drive

Top Gear Philippines (TGP), in its article ‘This is the reason you buy a go-anywhere AWD vehicle‘, writes:

Yes, crossovers are mostly used in and around the city. But in those rare moments when you just want to live life to the fullest and take the road less traveled, you’ll thank yourself you purchased a ride blessed with all-wheel drive.

Personally, I don’t go that much to such adventures. I may sound just trying to take delight in my decision that I got a Subaru XV, but the fact that my Liana (my Subaru XV) is proudly equipped with symmetrical all-wheel drive actually brings me peace of mind when my travels take me along some muddy roads and the like.

Check out TGP’s AWD Fun video.

Liana is my Subaru XV
Liana is my Subaru XV

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