300 MB is So Much for My Use

I’ve mentioned that I subscribed to Globe PowerSurf 299, which is 300 MB good for 30 days. I’ve also mentioned that I have wifi both at home and in the office.

Now 22 days have already passed and I have not used even half of the data usage I was allotted with. I’ve used so far 143.51 MB or 47.8%. I hope Globe Telecom could come up with a lower plan, say like 200 MB for a cheaper price.

UPDATE: Or perhaps, these PowerSurf plans are not for me at all. I have an iPhone 4 at plan 299, where I don’t have a use for that P299 credit (for I have an office-issued phone unlimited Globe-to-Globe). If I opt out of the PowerSurf 299, I could use that P299 credit for hit-and-run mobile browsing at P5 per 15-minutes.

I just hope that Globe instead have a per MB charging deductible from the regular plan. Or, better yet, carry on with the Powersurf plans but don’t charge it on top of the Monthly Service Fee (MSF). Charge it against the consumable amount instead.

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