My Yahoo! Account was Hacked

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Lately, some friends were complaining about how they were receiving spam messages from my Yahoo! account via Yahoo! Messenger (YM). It was not something new as I myself received some from other friends in my contact list. It then occured to my mind that maybe my account was hacked.

Then, yesterday I couldn’t login to my YM account anymore from my favorite desktop client, Pidgin. It tells me that logging in from the web with the same account may diagnose the problem.

I did today, and guess what? Yes, my account was hacked. And my profile picture was changed to that of a sexy lady.

In the web browser I was prompted to change my password as my account was compromised. I did change my password to the one hackers have no way of guessing anymore, using a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters, generated from my favorite password safe manager, Keepass.

To all my contacts, please accept my apology for the inconvenience it may have brought you if you received some spam messages from my account. From now on, I promise you won’t be in contact with those spammers anymore via my Yahoo! account.

To my contacts whose accounts still serve as media for spammers, please change your password now to avoid further inconveniences not only on my part but to your other contacts as well. Please change it to something incognizable.

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  1. Noticed several friends got hacked Rey A. hacked, and some other starts with a buzz and then some add for viagra or something…

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