The Midlife Drama

Not really. No drama here. It’s just that it’s my 30th birthday today.

But the fact remains: I’m thirties early thirties now.

My Happy Birthday

This photo was taken in The Old Spaghetti House in Waltermart Makati earlier today.

Everybody in the office just actually missed my birthday. That forfeits their chance for a treat. Bwahahaha!

0 thoughts on “The Midlife Drama”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PO! k lang yan hon, that saves you money, bwahahha, wag k lng mahiritan later, hehe.. i love you! muwah!

  2. Happy Birthday pre! d na magsunggod a hehehe amu gd man na part magtigulang na -tampuhin ika nga hehehe mabawi ta inum gleng part a

  3. HAPPY B-DAY BRO!!! muntik ko na makalimutan hehehe… sa bundok kasi ako nag b-day… tipid pre hehehe..

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