Blogging at Your Own Domain Name

A discussion over at The Blog Herald, some people adversely decide whether they should spend (waste?) time reading blogs that have url’s ending in “” or “”. To some, these url addresses bring negative connotations as to the contents of the blog, although this may not always be the case.

Everyone, indeed, can just simply create a new blog over those sites (blogger and anytime for free. How sure can you be that the blog created from these sites you have bumped into is current, meaning maintained regularly and that the blogger was serious about it (which takes me back into wondering what’s the idea behind http:/ Who would like to browse a blog who’s only content is “Hello World!” anyway?

Seriously, if you’re serious about acquiring a “real estate” in the world wide web, a permanent residence in the jungle called the internet, where you can invite your friends and others to come and visit, a $6-$10 fee for a domain name is negligible.

P.S. Calling the attention of Marky and Edwin. My offer to host your domain names, should you register one, for free over at my hosting account is still standing. 😀

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