Lex Luthor and Smallville

I have been a fan of Smallville, and maybe you can say that I’ve been one of the followers of the Clark-and-Lana tale. Though, I’ve not watched it for quite sometime now. We’ve no cable tv and no access to youtube (so far, we’re still at the mercy of Qtel).

Anyway, news about it is that Michael Rosenbaum (aka Lex Luthor) is leaving after the next season. Counting with my fingers, I think the current season is season six, so the next season is seven, therefore Lex is gone after the seventh. Does this mean no more Smallville Season Eight?

Lex Luthor

Can you firmly believe that Smallville can still go on without Lex Luthor? For sure, switching him with another bald-headed will affect audience impression.


What really is the reason, I don’t know. For me, I’m too busy thinking about when will Qtel install our ADSL connection.

News here.

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  1. ako din..been an a fan of smallville since it premiered in Philippine tv, when i was in college..but i must say..since ms lane came in the picture..all interest with lana lang came tumbling down..hahaha..specially that episode where they featured aquaman..grabe sexy ni erica durance..hehehe

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