Patronize Pirated Filipino Movies

Indeed, it leaves a “mixed feelings” about it for every Filipino. I’m not sure if I should take this crusade seriously or as a joke.

One sure thing of a bitter truth about being a Filipino. Laugh at your own dismay.

SMS (text) messages are circulated as follows:

PLEASE PATRONIZE PIRATED FILIPINO DVDs and VCDs so that the Philippine movie industry will DIE and we will no longer have ACTORS and ACTRESSES or their spouses running for public office. Please pass.

Please post your reactions below.

3 thoughts on “Patronize Pirated Filipino Movies”

  1. The one who started this has a good point, even though the suggested solution isn’t gonna solve the problem.

    The problem is the mentality of most Filipinos, especially the masses. The illiterate and uneducated members of our society who vote for celebrities running for office.

  2. is’nt it rather unfair for showbiz personally as a whole to be judge that way. i think we should rather look at a politician as an individual. it is a known fact that there are actors and actress politicians who did very good ( for one vilma santos). there are also quite a number who did very poor. my point is , it is not a question of being in the showbiz or not. government officials became corrupt because of their selfishness, we filipinos are lacking now in patriotism. we tend to serve ourselves now before others. the worst part is that, it is becoming our culture. we need change. and rather than fingerpointing, we need to look at ourselves.change comes from within. if we want change, we need to change ourselves, in a personal way.

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