Toss Coin

Philippine One PesoNow this is something to ponder upon. Did you know that in a Barangay Election, when there is a tie, the tie may be broken and the fate of the candidates be decided by a toss of a coin?

It’s in the law, according to Mr. James Jimenez, the spokesman for the Commission on Elections, in his wordpress blog. Continue reading “Toss Coin”

Patronize Pirated Filipino Movies

Indeed, it leaves a “mixed feelings” about it for every Filipino. I’m not sure if I should take this crusade seriously or as a joke.

One sure thing of a bitter truth about being a Filipino. Laugh at your own dismay.

SMS (text) messages are circulated as follows:

PLEASE PATRONIZE PIRATED FILIPINO DVDs and VCDs so that the Philippine movie industry will DIE and we will no longer have ACTORS and ACTRESSES or their spouses running for public office. Please pass.

Please post your reactions below.