Toss Coin

Philippine One PesoNow this is something to ponder upon. Did you know that in a Barangay Election, when there is a tie, the tie may be broken and the fate of the candidates be decided by a toss of a coin?

It’s in the law, according to Mr. James Jimenez, the spokesman for the Commission on Elections, in his wordpress blog.

Sec. 81. Elections resulting in a tie. – In cases where two (2) or more candidates for punong barangay or sangguniang kabataan chairman received an equal and highest number of votes, or where two (2) or more candidates for sangguniang barangay kagawad or sangguniang kabataan kagawad received the same number of votes for the first or last place, the BBOC, after recording this fact in its Minutes, shall, by resolution, and upon five (5) days notice to all the candidates concerned, hold a special public meeting in which the BBOC shall proceed to the drawing of lots between the candidates who have tied and proclaim as elected the candidates who may be favored by luck.

The other candidates who lost in the draw for the first place, if there are only two (2) who tied, shall automatically be the second placer. If, however, more than two (2) candidates tied for first place, rolled pieces of paper duly marked by the numbers “1”, “2”, “3”, and so on shall be made and the contesting candidates shall draw any one thereof, one after the other, and thereafter publicly open the same.

The number of the rolled paper drawn by each shall decide their ranking. The same procedure shall apply if the tie occurs among the second placers and so on.

If the tie is for the position of punong barangay or sangguniang kabataan chairman or for the seventh place for sangguniang barangay kagawad or sangguniang kabataan kagawad, the one favored by luck and proclaimed as elected shall have the right to assume office in the same manner as if he had been elected by plurality vote. The BBOC shall forthwith issue a certificate stating the name of the candidate who had been favored by luck and his proclamation on the basis thereof.

Nothing in this Section shall be construed as depriving the candidate of his right to contest the election.

I’m just wondering, though, wouldn’t it be better and more efficient to have the toss coin in the first place instead of holding an expensive election?


magsie November 3, 2007 Reply

wahoo toss coin na lang lahat tipid na wala pang daya! ahahaha.

deuts November 3, 2007 Reply

Oo nga! kahit mag best-of-seven pa sila! kahit mag best of seven tapos best-of-seven ulit eh…heheheh

Gian Paolo November 10, 2007 Reply

I wonder what will happen if they implement the same rule for the national elections?

deuts November 10, 2007 Reply

Yeah, we’ll have a president by luck! hehehe!

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