Blogging from Kape Isla

Read about the Kape Isla from A Bugged Life. It’s a coffee shop across Market Market in Taguig that also offers free wifi to patrons.

Since I live near the area, I decided to give it (the coffee and the free wifi internet) a try. After all, it’s an NGO promoting the Philippine Coffee Industry.

According to its website:

Kape IslaKape Isla is the Philippine Coffee Board’s cooperative marketing program. The Board issues the Kape Isla name as a national umbrella label for coffee to signify that a coffee product uses Philippine-grown coffee beans. The label is used in tandem with existing brand names and blend trademarks as a complimenting label to signify its Philippine origin.

There are 29 merchants representing almost 100 blends currently enrolled in the Kape Isla program.

Kape Isla will also be the name for the Philippine Coffee Board’s flagship store opening soon in Serendra (across Market! Market!) in Bonifacio Global City.

Under the Kape Isla cooperative marketing program, participants are licensed to use the seal in their in-store signages, product packaging, menus, and other company-related items.

Kape Isla Experience

The verdict: The coffee is definitely good, and the wifi, well, acceptably fast. I believe I’ll frequent this place for the time that I don’t have anything to do yet.

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