41 Tax Haven Countries

The four criteria for a country to be considered as tax haven are: insignificant or non-existent tax levels, absence of transparency in tax matters, absence of fiscal data exchange with other countries and attractiveness for straw companies with fictitious activities. The only criteria that’s clear to me is the last one, and I highlight: “attractiveness for straw companies with fictitious activities“. :LOL: Check out the list of 41 countries considered by OECD as tax haven countries in inquirer.net.

The Dangers of Offloading Images

Jonathan Bailey over at the Blog Herald stress out the dangers of uploading your images in photo sharing sites like flickr, webshots, and photobucket. Of the three examples, flickr appears to be the lesser evil huh! I likewise wonder who among us have the patience to actually read TOS (Terms of Service) word for word before clicking the “I Agree” button? 😀

Lulu Hypermarket Tries to Detain Shopper

Mavi’s of Life on the Spot tells her story of how Lulu Hypermarket staff and security tried to “illegally” detain her. I think this whole incident can be attributed to irrational thinking by some people out there. This atmosphere, I believe, would still stay for a while. I just hope more people there should start thinking out of the box. So, boycott Lulu Hypermarket!