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OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Takes Amazing Night Shots

I must have been living under a rock for the last 3 or so years, enjoying so much my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, that it’s only now that I realized how night-time photography has improved recently. I know for a fact that this improvement in the camera system is not unique to my OnePlus 8 Pro, I’ve watched YouTube reviews taking the sides of the iPhone 12 series or the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Note 20 series cameras over OnePlus 8 Pro’s when it comes to night-time photography.

Nevertheless, I’m impressed with my OnePlus 8 Pro camera’s Nightscape mode. To my bare eyes, the streets and the skies are almost pitch black, but the phone’s camera, under the Nightscape mode, sees another way. Here are samples of night shots I took (note: except for the black line to hide the car’s plate number, I didn’t apply any further processing or modifications to the pictures. They are how they came out straight from the camera phone): Continue reading

Why I’m reluctant to install a dashcam

Top Gear Philippines (TGP) writes: Every driver should now get a dashboard camera; here’s one for your consideration.

Photo by Top Gear Philippines

Photo by Top Gear Philippines

I have to say the TGP article isn’t really about selling the idea of why dashboard cameras are a must for all drivers, but I myself am totally convinced that indeed I should get one. In fact, the same Transcend DrivePro 200 is in my short list.

The only problem I have with that is dealing with the cables that go with the setup. Not that I always keep a nifty car dashboard and/or console, but the nasty wirings is surely an additional item to worry about.

So, unless there’s a dashboard that enables a nifty setup, I’m holding off my purchase.

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Systems Advantages and Disadvantages

A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is one with usually the same sensor size as that of the DSLR but without the mirror that reflects the image frame into the pentaprism and further into the optical viewfinder. It’s much like what you see in compact point-and-shoot cameras and camera phones but with the added benefits of the capability to employ quality but expensive lenses you see in the photography world.

Digital Photographer Philippines (DPP) has the list of advantages and disadvantages to offer about the mirrorless interchangeable lens systems: Continue reading

What it Takes for a Great Photo

Perhaps, the most common rudeness a photographer (or a hobbyist or enthusiast for tha matter) takes from ordinary people is when those people give credit to the high-tech-ness and price of the camera or gear for a great photo.

Doing such, according to Chris Orwig in his video tutorial, is like awarding credits to the pans and cooking utensils for a wonderful delicious food, not the cook.

One oftentimes look past the creativity in a photographer, especially when one sees the camera as a one-click device. A point-and-shoot camera becomes more than a point and shoot in the hands of a professional photographer.

Anyway, what actually prompted me to write this entry is the thread I read in the Digital Photographer Philippines forum, about the weirdest comment one gets for his photo. I was so thrilled reading the thread that I felt I need to share them here. Some of my favorites:

ay bakit blurred yung background

ganda ng picture mo, saang website mo to na download?

‘uy take a picture of me naman, close-up ha, oh and please ayoko kita pimples ko ha’ …(ngek panning ko kaya mukha mo, takbo!!!)

Read the discussion.