What it Takes for a Great Photo

Perhaps, the most common rudeness a photographer (or a hobbyist or enthusiast for tha matter) takes from ordinary people is when those people give credit to the high-tech-ness and price of the camera or gear for a great photo.

Doing such, according to Chris Orwig in his video tutorial, is like awarding credits to the pans and cooking utensils for a wonderful delicious food, not the cook.

One oftentimes look past the creativity in a photographer, especially when one sees the camera as a one-click device. A point-and-shoot camera becomes more than a point and shoot in the hands of a professional photographer.

Anyway, what actually prompted me to write this entry is the thread I read in the Digital Photographer Philippines forum, about the weirdest comment one gets for his photo. I was so thrilled reading the thread that I felt I need to share them here. Some of my favorites:

ay bakit blurred yung background

ganda ng picture mo, saang website mo to na download?

‘uy take a picture of me naman, close-up ha, oh and please ayoko kita pimples ko ha’ …(ngek panning ko kaya mukha mo, takbo!!!)

Read the discussion.