How Citibank let down clients with Entrego

A few months ago, my Citibank credit card was up for renewal. Citibank sent off my replacement card without delay via Entrego.

First Replacement Card

On the morning of the supposed delivery day, I got a text message from Entrego that my parcel was on its way. The day came and went, I got another text in the evening saying the messenger failed to deliver and they’ll attempt re-delivery the next day or so. The next day, same thing happened. After three failed delivery attempts, the parcel went back to sender.

I had to contact Citibank, and they blocked that card and dispatched a replacement to my replacement card.

Second Replacement Card

Perhaps it was a little stricter in our office building during the first replacement card delivery attempts. After all, we’re still in pandemic mode. So I advised the security personnel of the building that I’m expecting Entrego delivery, so they can watch out and provide enough accomodation should the messenger need any.

Same thing happened. It was beginning to become obvious, there was neither real effort nor intention to deliver. Three failed delivery attempts, and my second replacement card was returned to sender.

Third Replacement Card

This time I explicitly requested Citibank that, if they have any alternative, to send my replacement replacement replacement card via a delivery service other than Entrego. The CSR said he’ll see what he can do. Probably he did, and Entrego was once more tasked to do the delivery, and eventually the return.

This is the moment I gave up and looked for another credit card provider.

Rampant Issue

When I looked around the internet recently, apparently this negligence didn’t just happen to me. I actually share the same experience with several other people. I wonder if the Unionbank takeover was the reason why Citibank sits passively on this issue?

One thing is certain: Citibank just lost a good client in me because of Entrego.

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