BDO Online Mobile ‘ADD DEVICE’ Message Sending Failed

Did I already tell you how awful and trash-worthy BDO Online Banking is? Yet, no matter how bad it is, it has been your bank of choice, because you thought they find ways.

Installing the Mobile App

You installed the mobile app, and done with your mobile app only password. When you login, it asks for your OTP. But instead of receiving the OTP directly, you received a message from (02) 25678 that you need to reply with ‘ADD DEVICE’ instead. Only then will they text you your OTP.

But replying with ‘ADD DEVICE’ the message failed sending no matter how many times you tried.

The Solution

Instead of solving the problem directly, BDO Unibank offered a solution in a Facebook comment, which involves:

  1. Ignore that message thread from (02) 25678
  2. Create a new message to: +639457893836 or +639088686043
  3. And send a text message that says ‘ADD DEVICE’.

More Mobile App Problems — Try Again!

So I went ahead and sent ‘ADD DEVICE’ to +639457893836 within seconds after receiving the message from (02) 25678. Indeed, I received my OTP almost instantly. But when I proceeded to login through the BDO Online Mobile App (Android), I was greeted with this page:

Thank you BDO!


Gelo February 9, 2023 Reply

Gagi ang usefull hahah gumana syaa

Abegail June 21, 2023 Reply

It actually works! Thanks

Rachel July 4, 2023 Reply

tysm for this article iz very helpful. since last week pa ako nag a-ADD DEVICE lol.

All the best!

Paolo August 21, 2023 Reply

this worked for me. many thanks

Arvin Leano September 14, 2023 Reply

Dito sa japan di gumana kahit yang alternative. Parang tanag! Kaya ginawa ko inubos ko laman ng BDO account ko online shopping haha no more BDO from now on. Mas ok pa Metrobank.

Ash December 17, 2023 Reply

Been trying this for many times already pero di tlga nasesend yung ADD DEVICE message ko

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