Successful Transfer of Blog to

After so many years (7 and a half years) of self-hosting this blog, I’ve decided to move it

That way it would be:

  • Cheaper — I have to spend for the domain mapping ($13) and registration only per year;
  • More Secure — I have 2-step authentication in place;
  • Less Downtime — I suppose, it’s for speaking out loud!
  • Free Storage — I don’t think I’ll be able to use all the free 3GB of allowed images by the service — for the life of this blog.
  • It’s here to stay — Again, I suppose. WordPress has been challenged by so many but it will be here to stay.

I have always aimed for the minimalist design. I’m tired of fully customizing my blog. I just want a simple blog that I can write everything that interests me.

Broken Links

As a consequence of this transfer, you might find broken links among the thousand pages in this site. In fact, the change in the nameservers may not have fully effected. It would be a big help if you could report them by using the Contact Form.

Wish List

I have always regarded a great online service. I have a few gripes about the current setup and settings, though:

  • I wish there’s an option to purchase an upgrade, like Domain Mapping, for more than one year. That way you don’t have to think about the dues for say the next five years.
  • The Custom CSS upgrade is too expensive at $30 per year. It’ll just be the CSS you’ll be tweaking, not the PHP functions. If ever I’ll want to edit CSS, it will be some minor adjustments. For me, that upgrade is worth only $5 per year, nothing more.
  • I wish there’s an option to transfer the domain registration to, that way I only have to pay $18 for both the domain and mapping per year in the future.

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