Inaccurate maps in Android

Just to show you how problematic Android maps and geolocation can often be, I’ve tested the Google Maps app in the iPhone 5s and LG G2 using the same wifi network. And here’s the result.

This is what Android makes out of my current location:

And this is from the iPhone 5s:


If it ain’t clear from the screenshots above, the iPhone 5s (running iOS7) indicated location from the Google Maps app can oftentimes be off by 5 to 10 meters, while in LG G2 (running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean) it is oftentimes off by 50-200 meters.

By the way, I used to run the same test in Samsung Galaxy S2 with the same results. So definitely it’s not just the LG thing. I concluded that it must be the Android thing. Leave your violent reactions below.

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