iPad 2 vs. 3rd Gen iPad: What Are They Missing?

What 3rd Gen iPad reviews usually talk about is whether it is worth the upgrade if you already own an iPad 2. Case in point: Thoughts on the new iPad.

To be fair, they did mention that the new iPad is definitely a good the best buy if you are gonna be a first-time iPad owner. But what they really failed to consider was that: if you were to buy your first iPad, there’s actually an alternative — to get the iPad 2 instead.

To me, they’re answering the wrong question. The right question should have been: If you were to buy your first iPad, would you forgo the new iPad and settle for the cheaper iPad 2 instead? Simply stated: are the new features and upgrades of the new iPad (i.e., Retina display, quad-core graphics, 4G LTE, etc.) worth the US$100 premium from the price of the iPad 2?

I already had my take about it: Why I opted for iPad 2 instead. What about your opinion?

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