Archiving My Tweets via TweetNest

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We have to admit, Twitter is a great platform to publish our short notes and thoughts. Other than interacting with friends, both online and personal, I also use it to share links I find interesting as well as bookmark sites for future reference.

The problem, however, is you don’t really have a way to browse, manage, and search through your tweets in especially if you have accumulated a sizable number after some time — at least not for now.

That’s why there have been ways to archive your tweets like this Ozh’ Tweet Archiver WordPress plugin, which I used at my separate WordPress install. I installed it before my number of tweets reached 3,200, that’s why all my tweets are intact since the beginning. My only problem with this solution is that the posts do not link back to the original Twitter permalink.

That’s why recently I gave TweetNest a go, which is currently running here. Yet, another complication — it was only able to save into my own database the last 3,200 tweets (since the install), so that the earliest tweets it was able to pull and preserve were the last 28 of May 2011. I have been a Twitter user (and tweeting) since March 2007.

If I have been aware of this limitation (it was Twitter’s by the way), I should have installed TweetNest before I reached 3,200 tweets.

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