Instapaper for Android

After more than a month tinkering with my Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2), I’ve come to the conclusion that the one app I missed the most about my iPhone is Instapaper.

From the mail app, Evernote, Twitter (Tweetbot), Facebook, to Feeddler (Google Reader) apps, you can easily send articles to read later (and even offline) via Instapaper. Alternatives like ReadItLater are great, but seamless integration with various other apps are wanting, and some articles, although obviously blog posts themselves, are not loading properly in ReadItLater.

To a lot of people, owning a smartphone means a lot of games. I consider myself to not belong to that “lot of people”. The only games I have on my smartphones are those that are really quick games like, the usual suspects like Fruit Ninja, Fling, MasterCode, Flight Control, and some card games like Poker, to pass the time away while waiting for something or someone like in waiting areas of airports, clinics, offices, restaurants and meetings.

Beyond that, I use my smartphone for productivity and utility apps, as well as apps that facilitate content consumption like Feeddler and Instapaper. Of course, social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare are like a given, and usually always come with any other smartphones, including BlackBerry.

Unfortunately, Instapaper works with iOS devices only. So, in that case, I’ll gladly drop the SGS2 in favor of my iPhone anytime.

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