Samsung pokes fun at iPhone fanboys

Samsung’s Galaxy S II ad: the next big thing is already here:

Jayvee posted:

This ad is spot on. It’s exactly the reaction I get from people who see the Galaxy S II. As I said in previous posts, the S II is the only phone that turns the heads of the fanboys.

I say, yes, this thing may have really got my head turned when I saw one at gadget stores. But having the first hand experience for exactly one month now, I must say I was a bit disappointed. Details about the experience to follow soon.

I can work on one smartphone only at a time due to the size of these devices, and having both the SGS2 and iPhone 4, the longer I spend time tinkering with both phones, the more I’m getting convinced that I’ll pick the iPhone 4 any time.

The ad may be true in the sense that the SGS2 is a head turner. But the device lacked depth. It may be a software/OS issue.

Samsung could have been better off advertising their phone as is. Stop comparing it to the iPhone. Because it certainly is not comparable!

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