So Close and Yet So Far…The Globe PowerSurf Rant

Got the details of the Globe Powersurf promo from Yugatech:

Php15 for 60 minutes (expires in 1 day) – text PowerSurf15 to 8888
Php30 for 180 minutes (expires in 1 day) – text PowerSurf30 to 8888
Php50 for 300 minutes (expires in 3 days) – text PowerSurf50 to 8888

Personally, this is a good deal if you are into Globe Prepaid and that you use the 3G network regularly. Yet, this thing is still not for me:

  • I have wifi in the office and at the house – thus if I would need 3G connection only on select days and time;
  • My primary phone, an iPhone, is on a postpaid plan;

You know what’s a better deal? — Make the PowerSurf50 expire in 15 days or so!

You know what’s the best deal? — Offer a cheap reasonable per KB (per MB) browsing! Currently, the rate stands at P0.15 per KB of data.

What’s reasonable? — Make it P1.00 (or maybe even P1.50) per MB of data!

Globe – So close and yet so far.

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