Wesley So in the Tata Chess Tournament 2011

Just like last year against GM Anish Giri, GM Wesley So once again pulled off a disappointing loss against GM Luke McShane, to settle for the 5th place. I know GM Wesley So could do better than that. Given more resources, maybe next year.

Just as the 73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk Aan Zee, which was formerly known as the Corus Games, also one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of chess, is about to end, we’re bringing you some highlights about the Group B category at which our very own GM Wesley So is a proud participant.

We’re bringing you this sad note, however, that just like last year where Wesley pulled off a bad loss from a blunder move out of the critical moment of the tournament against the then champion of that category, GM Anash Giri, this time he did it again, on a critical game…when everything matters…down the stretch…of the tournament against GM Luke McShane.

On round 12 (out of 13) while still on top of the tournament, Wesley So as black is up by a knight as early as the 16th move. All he could have done is stabilize his position and secure his king from immediate attack, and he could possibly cruise to a clear win. However, he made a bad move on move 24 that gave up that earlier advantage and even his chances against McShane.

Position after 24.Qe1 ... Black to move

Then, on move 40, Wesley made a blunder and eventually resigned. You may replay the game below:

Replay in a separate window.

The tournament is not yet finished as I am about to hit the “publish” button as we are yet to wait for the results of the last round, but it appears already that GM Wesley So is going to settle for the 5th place, that’s after tie-break criteria are applied. (I’ll update this once the tournament is finished).

UPDATE: It’s official: GM Wesley So is fifth in the conclusion of the 73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament Group B Category.

I know GM Wesley So could do better than that. Given more resources from the government and from the private sector, to enable him to afford a good coach, trainer, and second (and maybe a powerful enough computer) to help him in the analysis and preparation for his future games, maybe —- MAYBE —- next year.

Good luck GrandMaster Wesley So! You’ll still be my idol despite this disappointing loss!

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