Yahoo! Mail Will Integrate YM

Beginning Monday, some Yahoo Mail users will be able to chat in real time through their e-mail program. Yahoo said in November that it would embed instant-messaging technology directly into its Yahoo Mail program so that users wouldn’t have to open up–or even install–Yahoo Messenger or another IM ,service to chat with each other online.


It appears that Yahoo! is ready to compete head to head against the mighty Google, huh! (with the latter’s Gmail chat). I wonder if it can function well against the firewall here in the office. I’m looking forward to trying this new feature though, and I’m excited on how it will look like within Yahoo! Mail.

Yet, this news will “never” alter my preference of using Gmail over Yahoo! Mail. And the reason is up in my next posts!


  1. walang kwenta nmn pala tong cnet na to eh! walang kwenta ang news! walang kwentang Yahoo!

  2. I haven’t seen the embedded YM in my email account. Oh well, I’m probably not one of the “some” email accounts that they mentioned. Hehe..Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. well, actually, me too. yeah, I think i’m not also that one of the “some” email accounts. hehe

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