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Lately, you might have already seen a lot of difference in the interface. Hopefully, this will end my quest for the best theme that will suit this site’s programme. I can now rest from more tweaking with the dirty html/php codes to customize the feel of this website, and focus more on the content instead.

First off, a question to everyone. Did you notice something familiar with the looks of this website? Guess, guess guess….

Did you miss something in here? It must be some kind of a picture…or maybe a logo… Ever notice the font? “Verdana”, that is. What about the color? From the blue with a hexa code of #030367, and the green (also try hovering over any link) of #99cc33… now, are you missing something?


Now, we go to the more dramatic part of the change.

  • Live Shoutbox – Obviously you can see at the sidebar there is a shoutbox. Actually it can be called a chatbox because it uses ajax technology, which refreshes itself every 1 second (given of course that either you or another user enters a message). No need to click the refresh button and download the whole page again.
  • Recent Posts – There’s a related posts section at the end of each post. This is in order to provide readers a review of related posts I’ve posted in the past.
  • Statistics – You may review the statistics of this site at the bottom of the sidebar, or just simply go here. (Update: Already disabled)
  • Make your homepage – I’m making my best effort to make this site a one-stop site for all. You will soon find links here to your favorite websites. That’s why, if you want (and you’re using internet explorer 5 or higher) you can click on the link on the upper right to make this site your homepage.
  • Ratings – you can make your voice heard by casting a vote, or a rating in this case, to any one entry.
  • Gravatar – now you can post comments with a special avatar to accompany your entry. See below on how to get your avatars or gravatars.
  • Special Feedburner Functionalities – In any one entry, you can also:
    • Email that entry
    • Bookmark in
    • Subscribe by email
    • Add a comment

Just the same, though, even with these changes, I’m still accepting contributors, subscribers, and you may still avail of the free email service.

Some Jokes for a Laugh (or two):


When the clerk of court read the case against him, the accused shouted:

Peste kayong lahat! Wag magbintang ha! Isa lang ni-rape ko! Bakit “PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES” na ngayon?!


Once upon a time…
A guy made love to a girl,
she got pregnant…
he asked the girl,
“will you marry me?”
she said “NO!”
and the guy lived happily ever after…


Pedro: wow pare, nanood ako ng sine kanina, ubos P1,000 ko!
Juan: ha? bakit?
Pedro: bili ako ng bili ng ticket kasi pinupunit nung babae sa may pinto eh. adik ata yun!



What is gravatar in the first place.

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. Of course we know that an avatar is an icon or animation to represent a participant used in internet like chat, blogs, and games. Globally recognized, it means that you can have your avatar appear everytime you comment or post to any gravatar-enabled websites. You’ll just simply have to provide your email address (which should be the same as the one you’ve registered with where it’s needed.

If you are a regular commentator to this site, I recommend that you register with gravatar to attach a personalized touch to your comments, here and beyond.

I don’t get it. How does it work, in layman’s terms?

Think of as a dictionary that associates email addresses and avatar images. When you leave a comment on a weblog and provide your email address, the weblog can use your email address to look up your avatar. Since the dictionary is available to anyone, a single avatar image can represent you across many different weblogs.

Any “Violent” Reaction?

As for the initial reactions to my earlier post, Sherwin said:

Kakaiyak and RL mo ah…

and another:

you have turned to the dark side…

Well, we have jedi masters out there! There’s Richard….lol…

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