Bitwarden Keyboard Shortcuts on Google Chrome

If you’re a Bitwarden fan, learning and using its keyboard shortcuts would help you better navigate and log in to your favorite websites. By default, here are the keyboard shortcuts related to your Bitwarden Google Chrome extension:

  • Activate the extension: Ctrl + Shift + Y
  • Auto-fill the last used login for the current website: Ctrl + Shift + L
  • Generate and copy a new random password to the clipboard:
    Ctrl + Shift + 9

Of course, you can change Ctrl for Cmd if you’re using a Mac. Change the shortcuts →

Play ‘Angry Birds’ on your Desktop via Google Chrome

If you liked playing the Angry Birds game on your iPhone or iPad, then surely you’ll love playing the same on your desktop. No need to install anything (unless you don’t Google Chrome yet, which is weird). Just be ready with a Google Chrome browser and point the same to Enjoy!