My OnePlus 8 Pro has the Dreaded Green Screen Issue

In late 2020, I chose the OnePlus 8 Pro over the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 primarily because of avoiding Samsung’s Exynos chip. The price also played a role, and I was happy with that decision, until just this Monday, April 18, 2022, when I found my device’s display was giving out this green hue throughout the whole screen, even while in the lock screen. Didn’t drop the phone nor submerged it in water recently. My OnePlus 8 Pro is currently running Oxygen OS 12 (Android 12).

I searched around, and apparently several OnePlus phones may have been suffering from this issue for some time already. Many label the issue as green screen or green tint, although my case was unlike some’s who only encounter the problem when they are on some specific apps. Mine’s green tint is everywhere.

I reached out to Digital Walker, the supplier of this specific device and the official distributor of OnePlus in the Philippines, and reported this issue.

I got a response from Jam:

As per checking, your item is already out of warranty. Sharing with you is the price list of the repair for your unit.
15,980 Php- LCD for OP8 pro
1,000 Php- Labor

I got another later from Jomark:

My name is Jomark, part of the Aftersales team at Digital Walker Corp,. / Digits Trading.

We have received your concern from one of our colleagues about the issue/concern with your One Plus 8 Pro phone which is currently experiencing a green tint.

Upon checking with the team, your product is subject to repair and needs to be replaced with a new LCD Screen.

Unfortunately, your product is not covered under warranty due to out of warranty coverage based on the purchased date stated on your PO/Sales Invoice.

However, we are glad to inform you that your product is still repairable with corresponding Repair and Spare Parts Fee provided below.

LCD Screen for OP 8 Pro Fee
15,980.00 Php
Labor / Diagnostics Fee
1,000.00 Php
Total Fees
16, 980.00 Php

So, repair cost is pretty much the same cost of a new OnePlus Nord series phone. A total disppointment from OnePlus, really. This is obviously a factory defect, and it just so happened that it manifested outside the warranty period, and I’m paying for that defect.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this really is a hardware issue. I guess a part of me wishes that this is just a software issue, and hopes that the issue goes away in the next OS update.

But I guess I learned my lesson here. OnePlus is not a brand to be trusted moving forward. I’m not buying one anymore in the future. If Samsung could only make Snapdragon variants of their S-series phones widely available in the Philippines, it would have been a no-brainer.

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  1. Monds0628#7903

    My wife also got the same issue weeks after update to os 12. We are planning to reset to factory settings or do a rollback. Have tried doing the factory reset also?

    1. Not yet. Didn’t have time to backup everything yet and do a reset. Will also probably to try and rollback to OOS 11 in the coming weeks if time permits. Yeah, hopefully this is just a software issue.

  2. I’ve been having the same issue since yesterday. Could be a software issue. I’m gonna try to re-update manually. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to rollback to Oxygen 11. Oxygen 12 is the worst update especially on One+ 8 series.

    1. It’s quite comforting to learn that I’m not alone in this issue. Hopefully, this is just a software issue. I really loved my OnePlus 8 Pro before this particular problem started.

  3. Sorry to hear about this bro. I never owned or tried a OnePlus device so I can’t say much about them but based on your situation, I believe they should do something to help users who are experiencing this issue.

  4. Mine op8 pro, turns the whole screen to yellowish or may be greenish. This started since yesterday. It happened automatically while the mobile was kept idle. I did factory reset and things were normal for some time. Again the screen has turned yellowish.

  5. I own Find X2 Pro and been using it for 23months. i have this kind of green tint issue started 3 months ago until now it still appearing randomly anytime of the day. i hope this is just a software issue or battery issue. i just recently changed battery from oppo service center cost me ₱ 1,400.00 so far for this day no signa of appearing green screen. i hope this kind of issue is caused by bad battery.

  6. oh sorry, it started 5months ago. but for the first 2months it only appear like 4x a week. but starting month of May its frequently appearing like 3x a day and everyday that last like 10mins each appearance. but now after replacing battery, just recently think that the issue still haven’t fix due to i see some flickering like split of a second when i go swipe next to multi apps. maybe due to refresh rate? i turn off all my auto settings on screen settings too especially screen brightness.

      1. I take back my word, dammit my screen no longer get fix by itself. its been whole night and even this morning, my screen is still green. i though that it will disappear by itself but now its permanently green tinting my phone screen. this is so sad, my phones from the previous years such as Samsung S9 and LG V50 ThinQ are still running good without any problems except battery replacement.

        this time i’ll stop buying chinese phone damn this thing cost a lot and todays chinese flagship phone have similar screen size panel to the previous phone from 3years ago. makes me think it ain’t worth to upgrade to todays flagship phone. except samsung looks decently good compared to the previous year model of S series.

  7. I am also facing the same problem. My phone screen changed in to green colour after uploading OS 12 on July 13. I got confused is this desplay problem or software but it is clear software program. Because.
    Solution: try this & 50% it works
    Switch off your phone and connect to charging. Then switch on the phone without disconnecting the charging pin.
    Do it multiple times. I tried now my phone is permanently fixed.
    August 9 i tried it till now now green desplay.
    Thank you try it I hope it will resolve… If not then don’t worry your desplay is fine don’t change it. The problem is software.

  8. I am also facing the same problem. My phone screen changed in to green colour after updating OS 12 on July 13. I thought it’s desplay problem but it is clear software program. Sometime my desplay fixed but after couple of minutes again turned into green screen. Then I realised it’s not desplay problem. Then I tried a trick. 👇🏻
    : try this & it works
    Switch off your phone and connect to charging. Then switch on the phone without disconnecting the charging pin.
    Do it multiple times. I tried, my phone is permanently fixed.
    I tried this on August 9 till now no green desplay.
    I hope this tick will resolve this problem… If not then don’t worry your desplay is fine don’t change it. The real problem is software.

    1. I got this green screen issue in my oneplus 8 pro since last year. I keep updating but still the same.

      Technician offers to change screen display to fix it.

  9. My wife’s op 8 pro suddenly fixed itself. Cannot pinpoint exactly what we changed in the settings since several updates were done. But I think what kinda alleviate the situation from green all the time to intermittent green for in some hours is we uninstalled battery heavy apps. And now are back to normal no green screen for 4 months.

  10. This issue started occurring on my op8 pro 10 months back . Its completely turned green. In tow days after multiple reboot and power cycling , Issue gone automatically . Now its started again. I’m pretty sure its both hardware and software issue.

    1. My screen also turning green from last week first it started by just minor screen flickering but then it’s just turn green for minutes and hours then become normal and repeat….
      From today morning it’s running normally let’s see what happen…
      Should I sold this op8pro at 33% value after 2yrs use? Is it good deal

  11. has this been resolved? has anyone found a solution?
    i experienced the same just today.. factory re-setting the phone did not solve it 💩

      1. My OP8pro got same issue and when I called customer care they said it will be replaced If there is no liquid or physical damage…when I went exclusive service center they said it will be chargeble….they are replacing displays free of cost for 8T and 9 and 9pro…

  12. finally, i now know the culprit. it wasn’t hardware defect but a software issue. Recently this months after i got an update for firmware security patch (Android 12.1/ColorOS 12 -November) made my phone flickering green screen permanently without recovering. i was so frustrated until i saw some post from youtube comments that downgrading will fix the issue. So i go to Oppo Service Center to downgrade my firmware to Android 11/ColorOS 11 – CPH2025_11_C.78 (it was free of charge). after the downgrade, at first green screen still there but after hard factory reset it disappear. dayum i though i would suffer green screen the whole time also screen replacement cost like $350 for my unit Oppo Find X2 Pro.

    i’ve been observing for 3days and my display isn’t appearing/flickering green anymore. i hope this will last long mid-year 2023 till i can pick a one phone worth an upgrade coming from it.

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  14. click for solution
    I visited the service centre!! Without even checking internal issue waa asked to pay 14000 for screen replacement. They didn’t even accept their fault and stated that only line issue is being fixed at their end. Then i came across a short video which really helped me since no one knew what needs to be done. My phone is working fine now without paying a single penny to Oneplus

  15. Hi all, I also got the same issue when update my oneplus 8 pro. Right cornor of my display some crack on time. It was working fine for more than 2 years even my small display damaged. I tried al the way Factory reset so many times and reboot also. I visted nearest service center at coimbatore . They asked me to replace the display . I hope when update os 12 to 13 some harware has been corruptated. Service center in bangalore also person said only display will be repaced green line comes. Display can be changed with life time warrenty. not for green color display. I believe one plus should resolve this issue . Let us take this issue as unity those who face this issue to one plus management to give solution to us.Atleast then can provide display change with less cost . Please give comments on this msg . We can work together to get solution for our mobile . Thank you all …..

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