The Search for the Android Todo App with Persistent Notification

In an effort to stay organized and productive, you whip out a pen and a piece of paper and jot down the list of your impending todos. As you move along your day, you tick off those tasks that you have completed, leaving the unmarked ones for tomorrow, hopefully.

A couple of days later, that piece of paper is now buried in various pages of office printouts and drafts, leaving the rest of your todos ignored, and thus, undone.

Therefrom, you installed a todo app on your smartphone. That way, you can schedule important tasks that need to be done on a particular time. Your phone will remind you when that task is due. Efficient and effective, you thought. Until the day you were in a meeting for a while and left your phone on your desk gathering notifications after notifications.

Overwhelmed by these notifications, you decided to clear them all. And thus, you missed your tasks again– ignored, undone!

Now, what happens if those tasks are what we can call as”mission critical”? Like funding a check you previously issued before it bounces for NSF? Or, paying the credit card bill? Or worse, putting out the fire in the fireplace? I’m sure you don’t want to miss that– at all!

That is why there is the Due app created by Due Apps LLP. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the Apple App Store.

“Due” remembers all the things that you need so you don’t have to. It repeatedly reminds you of items that are due until you act on them, it’s impossible to forget anything with Due. That’s according to their App Store description.

Essentially, Due’s main feature is that it’ll keep bugging and nagging you into acting upon the task that is currenty due or even overdue. It does persistent notification on your notification center, complete with its annoying sound, no matter how many times you ignore it and/or clear all notifications. It requires for you to act: either snooze/postpone, reschedule, delete, or mark as done, to get rid of any more notifications.

You can’t have a task without a due date and time, thus you can’t have this app as your note-taking app. There are no subtasks and stuff. But that’s what the other todo and GTD apps are for. In essence, Due is for the mission critical tasks.

Yet, now that I have made my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as my daily driver, I have been searching and scrounging the Play Store, Reddit, and the entire web for a similar app that behaves much like Due especially in terms of persistent notification, and I found nothing.

If I missed it, please do chime in and comment below. Until then, I guess I have to keep my old iPhone close at hand.

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