Smart Communications, Inc. under-delivers on its Flexitime promise

I can’t seem to get over this issue. How can I? Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) was a disappointment, especially when it came to its Smart Bro Flexitime offering.

Just a recap on what my gripe was all about, I subscribed (and resubscribed) to Flexitime 100, a surf package that promises 15 hours internet browsing valid for 7 days at a cost of P100, but noted that my data minutes deplete faster than my actual use. On top of that, I observed that my data minutes are depleting further even if I no longer use that particular data connection.

After exchanging DM’s and replies with @SMARTCares on Twitter, they just can’t seem to help me at all. I’ve laid down my issues, complete with screenshots and everything, and they still can’t seem to get to the bottom of this mess. They said they’re investigating, but all my data minutes have already been fully wiped out (that’s according to their monitoring system, not based on my actual usage), and they still have to come up with a solution. Or, better yet, just admit that their system and this offer in particular is flawed.

So, earlier today, according to My Smart dashboard, my subscription to Smart Bro Flexitime is up, as there’s no countdown anymore:

According to My Smart Dashboard, my Smart Bro Flexitime subscription is up -- there's no countdown anymore.
According to My Smart Dashboard, my Smart Bro Flexitime subscription is up — there’s no countdown anymore.

I checked my SMS messages and indeed I received a text to that effect:

SMS Depleted Flexitime Data Minutes
SMS notification about my depleted Flexitime data minutes

But when I compared it to my actual usage as was measured by my 3G Wifi model router, total duration of use since I subscribed to Flexitime 100 (I reset the counter when I resubscribed last Monday, October 5, 2015) was at 5 Hours and 15 Minutes only:

Total duration that I used the data connection.
Total duration that I used the data connection.

Now, I understand if Smart would be rounding up data usage to the next minute every time you disconnect your internet, but yielding a difference of almost 10 hours in actual usage? Ridiculous is an understatement!

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  1. Same experience here with flexitime. The promised 15hrs becomes 7.5hrs or even less. I’m inquiring balance everytime I connect and disconnect and comparing the minutes I spent connected is not even equal to the data minutes deducted from my flexitime. For example, just yesterday, I spent almost 3hrs connected but they deducted almost 7.5hrs. Hope they’ll bring back unlisurf. 🙁

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