Why Not ChessCube?

As you read through this blog, you might notice that I’m not so fond of Chesscube.

You know why? Because it’s so full of Flash. And you know what Steve Jobs has to say about Flash:

  • It is proprietary;
  • It has security problems and is the number one cause for Mac crashes;
  • Flash is a battery hog which doesn’t work well with mobile devices;
  • Use HTML5 instead.

And if you have kept up with the news lately, Adobe has removed Flash for Android from Google Play.

Now, have you seen a Chesscube app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play? There’s none, because they can’t do it.

That’s why I’m using an internet chess server like FICS for online play and Chess.com for correspondence chess.

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peter March 10, 2013 Reply

Used really like chesscube.But the site is down more than it’s up.If cube is going to get anyone to pay for it’s service it’s going to have to be more reliable and mobile.Sadly I begining to think the writing is on the wall for cube.

Jason October 25, 2014 Reply

There’s an app now in both stores

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