Sky Broadband 10Mbps Advantage Plan

Was trying to log in to the Life At 5 Mbps website earlier, and I was greeted by this banner in the homepage:

By the way, the homepage I’m referring to is now redirected to

It appears that Sky Broadband is now offering double the 5Mbps I’m currently subscribed to — at 10Mbps, but at a P300.00 premium, or a total of P1,299.00 per month.

If only could Sky Broadband truly deliver to the promise of a reliably consistent speed at 10Mbps, nevermind the monthly bandwidth limit of 15GB, I could have gladly signed up for this new plan — and not the type of speed I’m actually getting while currently subscribed to 5Mbps:

The actual speed I get at Sky Broadband’s Life At 5 Mbps internet plan.

In fact, I’m lucky enough if I’m getting the above speed. Oftentimes, I can’t even get to load.

Now, what’s the use of subscribing to those high-speed plans with bandwidth cap in effect, but only getting a sub-par speed that you’re actually better off subscribed to the basic 1.5Mbps plan with unlimited bandwidth instead?

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Avida Iloilo October 14, 2012 Reply

This is just like saying:

We need 200 gallons of water delivered. They can deliver it in just 1 minute but with a limit of 150 gallons only. I rather wait a day to have my 20 gallons delivered.

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