How to Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Do you own an iPod Touch 2nd Gen or later, and miss the functionalities of an iPhone? Then this post is for you.

Basically, aside from some hardware specs, an iPhone differs from the iPod Touch only in as far as call, text/SMS, and cellular data functions are concerned. Otherwise, they are the same.

I’ve never imagined this possible, but it is. There actually is an accessory that will turn your iPod Touch into much like an iPhone. Enter C Peel T188, T168, or T166 (depending on which generation of iPod Touch you have).

What’s the catch? In order to employ this device to convert your iPod Touch to an iPhone:

  • You’ll need to have your iPod Touch jailbroken. It makes sense, since you have to install an SMS and Call apps into your device, which are of course not available from the Apple iTunes Store;
  • You won’t get 3G speeds — only GPRS. I don’t know if this is a hardware thing or is it patchable through firmware upgrades in the future;

I don’t have an iPod Touch to try this product. If you are worried about the reliability of the text and call features, you may want to watch the reviews below:

Where to get this and how much?

Head over to HotGadgets’ Sulit page and contact the seller. I’ve personally transacted with the seller for another product, and he is reliable and accommodating. The C Peel T166 for iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd gen will cost you PhP3,800.00, while the C Peel T188 (which is the same product in the review video above) costs PhP4,800.00.

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