Smart Telecom’s ‘Always On’ Plans

As I have commented at Yugatech’s post, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I hope Globe will implement the same, if not a more attractive, plan soon. Otherwise, I may have to get that Gevey Sim to use Smart in my iPhone 4.

Check out the new tiered pricing from Smart:

This is what you can call ‘You Pay for What You Use’.

If you are just using cellular data to check emails, access Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Google+ or any other social networking sites, I don’t think you’ll go over the limit of 250MB per month worth P300 per month in this case, even if you keep your mobile device always online, especially when you have Wifi internet both at home and in the office like me.

I believe, if you intend to always tether your phone’s internet connection to your computer, you may opt in instead for the 30-day unlimited internet from Smart, which I believe costs P1,200.00.

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