I’m a Walking Wi-Fi

True to that radio commercial, I too am a walking wi-fi. Only that I can put any sim card into this device — the Huawei (E5) E583C. I always carry around 2-3 sims in my pocket just in case any one network has got weak signal anywhere I am.

If I’ll be accessing the internet via my cellphone only, I can use my Smart sim into this thing, being subscribed to Always On 300.

One of the advantages of using this Huawei E5 pocket mifi over your regular USB 3G dongle is that you can position the mifi anywhere in the place with a stronger signal while you can comfortably use your device/s (laptop, cellphone, PSP, etc.) for as long as you keep it/them at close proximity to access the Wi-Fi.

The Huawei E583C supports HSDPA/HSUPA only, no HSPA+ yet. But who needs HSPA+ if telcos could only allow us to max out the 7.2Mbps maximum download rate for HSDPA devices.

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