Kadios – Baboy – Langka (KBL)

Probably the best thing I missed about home, my Dad’s version of KBL — Kadios, Baboy (Pork), and Langka (Jackfruit), made from fresh Kadios ang Langka. To taste is to believe!

Check out more photos below:

I’ve tasted the KBL from the Ilonggo Grill in Metro Manila. But it ain’t even half as delicious as this one at home.

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  1. Oo nga di masarap and pagkaluto nila ng kadyos d2 sa Maynila. Ang tigas pa ng beans. Saka dapat may “ginamos” para mas masarap. Kaming magkapatid pag nagsamasama sa kahit kaninong house laging nagluluto ng KBL

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