It’s sad to say, but, in the world of smartphones, we — the Windows Mobile phone owners, are but just fourth class citizens.

When it comes to great games and useful utility applications for smartphones, it appears, according to my observation, that developers develop apps in the following order or priority or hierarchy:

  1. iPhone
  2. BlackBerry
  3. Android
  4. Windows Mobile
  5. Symbian S60
  6. Others

Well at least we’re ahead of Nokia phones’ Symbian OS. But nowhere near satisfactory.

When we talk about great and useful utility applications, some favorite online services come to mind:

(For whatever reason, I don’t understand why a native Gmail app is not available for Windows Mobile when it’s available for Symbian OS. For sure, a native app would have been much more desirable than the web version.)

All of the above have native apps for the iPhone, some have one for BlackBerry and/or Android (or at least coming soon), while none for Windows Mobile.

Are you also on Windows Mobile? What other apps are you missing?